IX Web Hosting TWO FACED

Posted: December 20, 2008 in IX Web Hosting
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Today I recieved a new wave of unhappy IX Web Hosting Customers, sending me details on how the pathetic support treats them… I can tell within hours of IX Web Hosting being yet again injected, just by the the ammount of search queries I am tracking.
3 days ago I tracked 78  ” ixwebhosting hacked” ( or similer ) this morning it peaked over 820, and sure enough  ns5.ixwebhosting.com and ns6.ixwebhosting.com was injected.  These are the ones I am certain about, because I (we) have sites on those, but probably it was more than just ns5 & 6.

Customers are still being blamed by IX web hosting.  One person was even told to shut up, pack up or find a competent  web master to host his / her site properly..   I had to laugh, not because it was funny, but it was just unbelievable.. these pathetic, thick  bunch of IX retards, that don’t know how to restart a pc, let alone run a buisness, tells a paying customer  to shut up, pack up or find a competent  web master to host his / her site properly…

So, it’s all about the person who hosts / looks after / runs your web site… ???

Let me tell you about an issue I had with one of IX’s Managers… LAUREN 
3 days before talking to Lauren I had already spoken to DREW, KENNY and JAMES, all three of these managers explained the situation to me in plain english, I even have it in writing from Kenny, that they had an issue with certain ( or a certain) outdated Php modules, that was allowing the injected script to infect whole servers, and they were working on a solution.. When I mentioned that customers were still being blamed for this problem they told me that it was a communication glitch, and ALL the Support, both USA and Eastern Block would be briefed about the situation.

So, 3 days later, I phone and ask for a manager, because I had info about the server being injected for the 3 time in 4 weeks. Immediately she turned hostile, and started blaming me for having a 777 permission, when I explained that, not only did I have no 777 permissions, I had NO folders, No scripts, just 5 web sites that were 100% html.. she still continued to blame me, untill I told her that I had spoken to the other managers, and that I was told that it was a php module on their server.. Then , and only then did she lose her attitude..

So these support baffoons and managers are still blaming customers, for not knowing how to secure a website, so maybe we should follow their example….

Let’s take a look a 2 web sites… and who do these web sites belong to?… You got it!…  LAUREN  IX Web Host Manager .  And YES, they are both injected, and have been now for over 2 weeks

( for those who are lucky enough not to have a site hosted at IX, and don’t know where to look, click on the link, view the source code, and at the footer you will see the injected script ) 



But  Manager and Webmaster LAUREN’s sites are injected!!..  Does this  mean the Managers are REALLY as thick and retard as they sound??… I guess so..  maybe jewelry is her forte

Ooohh, she also has another website, but that is hosted elsewhere, NOT IX, and that site is CLEAN

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  2. Kat says:

    Add mine to another site hacked and another ‘customer’ blamed by IX Web. My site has been hacked repeatedly since IX web changed their servers (did the big overhaul earlier this year) and they continue to tell me it’s my fault. They did offer to help me fix the problem…for $80 an hour!! I have spent weeks working on these problems, with little or no help from tech support – and this time I am simply at a loss. My site has a redirect on it just like Lauren’s above, and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. I have decided to leave IX web permanently….now I just need to know where to go and how NOT to take an infected forum with me.

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