For going on 10 months now ix web hosting’s servers have been under attack, both the older php4 and the new php5 are full of security issues, and have been seeded and are constantly injected with various scripts and / or the .htaccess file gets renamed and customer sites are re-directed.

MORE than 120.000 IX hosted sites are injected / .htaccess hacked on a weekly basis, an excellent oppertunity for the scum IX to make a quick buck!!

IX Web Hosting will clear up the mess that is caused by their extreme Incompetence and INSECURE SERVERS for just $80 AN HOUR!!

A few days ago I was contacted by an IX customer that hosted 5 html sites ( not a single script)  all 5 websites were injected with the Yahoo Counter Script, this was the 3rd time in one month that this had happened, each time she just  re-uploaded all her sites, but still her sites got injected. The 4th time she approached IX to help her get her sites back in order. IX charged her $160 ( 2 hours) to get her sites back to normal. 6 DAYS later all her sites were injected, but luckily the bastards at IX were willing to help her again for another $80 an hour.

  1. says:

    Everytime I mentioned it in chat, either they ignored me or told me it was file permissions. Last person I talked to said they were working on it and there wasn’t much I could do. I went with a new host yesterday and I’m transferring all data today.
    It is true you get what you pay for, so I’d recommend everyone on IX to just leave them. There’s no point in waiting, I have my own web design portfolio which I had to take down. If a client saw that I have a hacked site it’ll reflect badly on me. Goodbye IX and I hope this site moves up in the google rankings.

  2. says:

    PS – keep up the good work, this site has encouraged me to leave IX.

  3. neverixweb says:

    Please post the link to this blog to ALL the websites possible, this way it will be seen by more people.

  4. Michael says:

    Definitely. I have 2 free domain points left with them and registered Within 20 mins, I got a voicemail (couldn’t answer the call) from them asking me to confirm that I registered a new domain. They called again and asked me to confirm I registered a new domain, asked me for my email address and asked me what was the domain I registered, lol.

    They then asked me “what type of information will the site contain”. I said it was a site to document my experience with your company. I got an email at the end of the call saying that my registration was being processed.

    lol 🙂

  5. neverixweb says:

    Excellent Michael.
    Feel free to take the info from this blog and post it on your site(s).

  6. I batteled with the iframe script for 2 weeks and spoke with over 6 reps and was told by a few the virus was loaded from my computer.

    The iframe script isn’t present in any of my coding, I should have added it up, it was a terrible week.

    I erased the site at least 3 times, but I’m not paying them anything.

    I’ll start looking for a new host server. Is anyone familiar with Hostgator?

  7. Thomas Richard says:

    I just bailed from IX and am working with Google to get the attack warning removed. I had other issues with IX — some weird permissions thing — but the badware injections in my sites was the last straw. Good riddance.

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