EASY Access to IX Web hostings Server ROOT

Posted: May 26, 2009 in IX Web Hosting
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From a Unhappy  IX  customer

I was beginning to think I was crazy. My site would get hacked and I would change the password. This would keep happening over and over. Yet every time I would call in they would say it was my fault. Well today I discovered that once again my site had been hacked as well as all the other domains in my userid for them.  While going through one of my sub domains I found a hackers control panel which I downloaded and took a screen shot. I even looked around in it. I realized quite quickly that I had server root access and I could see other peoples files like I was on a regular computer. This control panel seems to have it all. Anyway here is a screen shot for all you who wonder what is going on:

I have marked my info out to spare me as well as the folder I was browsing. But this control panel seems to have any exploits you want on it with very little effort.  It even has a handy self kill button which I used. Of course I am sure they will be back and hack right back in. Meanwhile I have to look into another host.




  1. Kenan AGKURT says:

    Dont buy anything from this fucking iexwebhosting they are not good firm.

  2. Alex Golovko says:

    Actually you don’t have root access to web server, this is simple php shell which is using allowed php commands.
    You can’t run commands from root anyhow. Of course, tech team is able to close php commands, but it may affect other projects working with them.
    Each customer may protect hosting account by himself and restrict list of allowed php commands. (possible to use php.ini)
    So, let’s think, how shell script was uploaded to web space? You’ll say web server is hacked, but fortunately mod_wrap is installed for all Linux servers. Consult with support how to use it and protect your account.

  3. Kenan says:

    actually its good firm but there are very slow to support and also they have limited server system.

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