Numerous sites on IX servers NS3 and NS4 INFECTED

Posted: October 15, 2009 in IX Web Hosting
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During the last 4 days Numerous People are reporting their sites are infected, and customers are being re-directed to a Russian site.
So far ALL the sites reported are hosted on NS3.IXWEBHOSTING.COM and NS4.IXWEBHOSTING.COM.
If your site is hosted on these servers, OR possibly other servers, you should check your website, by using a SEARCH ENGINE. DO NOT go directly to your site through your search bar OR shortcut, but use a Search Engine. The results are being re-directed. It will also be a matter of time before these sites will be “Blacklisted” by Google and other search Engines.

Feel Free to contact IX Web Hosting about this matter, but they will only blame you for their issues, and  lack of  knowing how to treat their customers with respect.

Please send us a message if your site has been comprimised.

  1. jeremy says:

    Yes my site is being hacked. EVERY site has this script on it.I am with ixwebhosting every page on every site is being redirected to russian sites with trojans. I think the sites are and like you said IXwebhosting blames me. Please write another post about this with more detail so more ixwebhosting customers will know

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