Host Gator leaves IX Web Hosting in the Gutter

Posted: November 28, 2009 in IX Web Hosting
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Host gator leaves IX Web Hosting in the Gutter

Just compare the very high ratings of Host Gator with the Embarrassing LOW  ratings IX has.

OVERALL RATING : Host Gator 95.29 :  IX Web Hosting  35.13

UPTIME & RELIABILITY  : Host Gator 9.73 :  IX Web Hosting  5.30

SERVER & CONNECTION SPEED : Host Gator 9.49 :  IX Web Hosting  5.13

TECHNICAL SUPPORT & KNOWLEDGE :  Host Gator 9.27 :  IX Web Hosting  3.62 

CUSTOMER SERVICE & BILLING : Host Gator 9.33 :  IX Web Hosting  4.86 

VALUE FOR MONEY : Host Gator 9.40 :  IX Web Hosting  4.87 

host gator vs IX Web Hosting 

Luckily for IX Web Hosting  SECURITY issues were not rated, But  a rating of  3.62  for TECHNICAL SUPPORT & KNOWLEDGE  !!!  It’s time for IX Web Hosting to pull the plug…  These figures say it all…

  1. Vivo says:

    I switched over to HostGator from IX a week ago, and so far everything seems to be running smoothly.

    IX has some serious problems, so everyone should stay far far away from them. There are far too many web-hosting options today to have to put up with the kind of garbage hosting that IX provides.

  2. Are you HOST GATOR affiliate ???

  3. neverixweb says:

    No we are not at all affiliated with Host Gator, if we were, we would add affiliate links to the site. Does your Boss know you spend far too long on this site? People from Ecommerce are not allowed to post on this site, by order of Fathi.
    By the way, all your other “Thick as shit” comments were deleted, not because it is so obvious that you just have not got a clue what you are talking about, but because your English is a disgrace!!.. Please do yourself a favor, and spend more time learning to speak English and less time posting comments on behalf of Ecommerce . IP

  4. Wallace says:

    I am not any affilate but i was victim for ixwebhosting.The reason i change because i was suspended for database overlow.The problem is i only run web directory with phplinkdirectory for my website with just increase traffic.Their was blocking me directly already.Then,i was corporate to find out what the problems.But their arent not even not give me change to findout the problem.The funny thing is their suspend my account and when i request backup data within 2 hours.Their said delete all data.I lost data and money.If i was stay at US,i am sure will sue ixwebhosting and ecommerce inc.

    So i will try my best for bring awareness to everyone about ixwebhosting and stay away from ixwebhosting.
    If u use ixwebhosting,prepare for the worst.

    BTW,i am using hostgator now and dont have any problem after use it since april 2009.

  5. Osama says:

    IX sucks
    bad servers and bad support
    IX needs kids to play with them.they don’t need high traffic website.if your website receive good traffic they will kick you off.

  6. Faythe says:

    My husband has been having nothing but problems with IX. It wasn’t like this until recently. His clients are complaining their sites are down, time curls are through the roof. I can’t even begin gto tell y’all how long he’s been on the phone in the past few weeks. I hate sitting here and seeing how frustrated and stressed he’s getting because of them. BAD BAD BAD service. As we speak I’m doing research on other hosting companies to see what options we have.

  7. Ashok Kumar says:

    Yes you are right hostgator will eat every competitor also is also good one.

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