IX Web Hosting worst host ever

Posted: December 27, 2009 in IX Web Hosting
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“you may come to know what a brain seizure is really like after you’ve experienced the comical and incredibly maddening world of IX Web Hosting Customer Support.”

Ix web hosting worst host ever

Posted by **** *****  Dec.26, 2009 

With one of the best pricing plans, and seemingly unlimited capability, ixwebhosting.com fails to live up to any claim of service dependability. Uptime? In the past 30 days, the server hosting my websites [not associated with thedealis.com] has been down 4 times. This downtime typically lasts 3-6 hours.

Typical response from ixwebhosting tech support: Sorry!

This is the first time I have encountered this in the approx. 5 years I have used the service. I switched to different servers last month. Tech support says upgrades [blade servers] are coming in January and that ixwebhosting will “redeem themselves” with this update. I hope so!

I can’t recommend this service to anyone. Had you asked me a couple months ago, I would have raved about the service. I have not had an issue with billing or tech support previously. Is tech support located in India? Possibly. Seems lately, I reach Jahuud Hussein each time I call the 800#.

These are the issues I have encountered. What other issues are lurking within ixwebhosting? If you have had issues with ixwebhosting services, or can recommend a better hosting service – let me know!

I did find this quote from one [former] ixwebhosting customer on the web “you may come to know what a brain seizure is really like after you’ve experienced the comical and incredibly maddening world of IX Web Hosting Customer Support.”.

Original artical can be found HERE

  1. Rahavard says:

    Please list your prices announced

  2. Roger says:

    Avoid this MTF!! run away from this plague!! My websites rankings are being penalized by google bause the servers are down so much!! Just last week all websites were down for 18 hours!!!! Now my website is down again for “maitenance” without letting us know in advance!!

    Unaceptable! IF youre reading this and you were lucky enought not to sign up with them, go to another provider!!

  3. Dear friend says:

    I do not know where to start to describe the trouble I had with ix. Their service can be run better by an amateur. They are total waste of time. The only provider worse than ix is their sister company host excellence, they are 100 times worse than ix. Their mysql servers are constantly overloading. I asked them to make a backup for a small database I had on their server. Within hours of them making the backup, they suspended my account and accused me of overloading the server. The best thing was that the database in question was not even used or connected to any website. LOL, their servers could not even deal with a small ackup made by their own staff.

  4. Avram Cosmin says:

    Don’t buy from IX WebHosting.

    Down 3 days from ten.
    Over and over the same problem; they have a H-Sphere stupid system. After 3 days on-line I found al the domains down, everyone of them redirected to this stupid H-Sphere page.

    Contacted tech-support, solved. After 5 days again, the same problem. Contacted again, solved. 8 days after the same problem.

    The worst web hosting ever.

    I already moved al the domain on another web host. IX WebHost worst web hosting provider ever. Don’t buy from them.

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