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  1. The following websites of mine were Yahoo injected and ruined beyond my time and capabilities.
    I filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau when I got sick of being accused of it coming from me and my computer loading up the virus from my end.
    (this site is a WI state approved online massage school that I own and operate from which I can’t function with now)

    This company must be held accountable for their own problems.

  2. neverixweb says:

    Very sorry to hear about your problems Kent, I urge EVERYONE to file a complaint at the BBB, people can do it from here

    Kent, could you please let me know what servers your sites were hosted on, so that I can post them on this site.


  3. Larry Sypher says:

    Here’s my rant I just left on Brent Crouch’s website about IX, ditto to everything I’ve read here on this site:

    From Larry Sypher: I just had my second total website outage with IX in the last 3 months. The first time back in October was the index page Trojan that THEY had on their server and it also embedded java scripts on all my other pages left. I restored my own site with backups because of the same rhetoric from them that they no longer had the backups. On Dec. 24th, apparently someone other than me accessed my FTP account (the one with a 25 character random generated HARD password) and my entire site including my OSCommerce store and SQL database was deleted. And again, here’s the response from the Ukrane:

    Alex G., Wed Dec 31 04:38:09 2008
    Ticket Status was changed from On-Hold to Resolved (NOT REALLY)

    Dear Larry Sypher,
    I am very sorry for this recent inconvenience, please accept my sincere apologies. Our admins have verified that all relevant backups have been rotated already. Unfortunately all backups which are older than a week are being deleted from the server on a regular basis because we cannot afford to store too old backups due to the many system restrictions of the shared hosting environment. It is much recommended to create local backup copies. I regret.
    Best regards,
    Technical Agent, CR
    CR Department
    Alex Golovko

    There is one PHP file still on my site that was hidden in Modlogan that directs one to From what I’ve read everywhere, I’m convinced that their server vulnerability is tied to a PHP email reply page, at least in my case. Right before I went down, a got a couple “enquiry addressed” emails from that PHP email address utilized to that email address suggesting I go to some hot porn sites (*with some java code mixed in with the email text). I’m ready to move elsewhere instead of wasting my time rebuilding my whole site there, only to loose it a third time again. The problem is that a VPS ( is more than I need at this time. Some Happy New Year to me!!! Thanks for letting me vent. Good luck to everyone else too…

  4. Alex Golovko says:

    XXI. Data Integrity

    The subscriber is responsible for keeping a complete and current copy of their website files as a backup on a remote system (not solely on IX Web Hosting servers).

    IX Web Hosting is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost files, information or data.

    IX Web Hosting makes regular internal backups of internal system configurations and databases. These backups are NOT intended for keeping backups of subscriber websites.

    Although IX Web Hosting backups may include subscriber sites and information for disaster recovery purposes, these backups are not to be relied on by the subscriber. IX Web Hosting does not guarantee to possess the most current copy of a subscriber’s website in its own backups.

    Best Regards

  5. neverixweb says:

    Yes Alex, we ALL know that IX Web Hosting is not responsible for anything!!.. Paying customers are responsible for EVERYTHING

    May I ask what the Backups are intended for, if they are ( and I quote) NOT intended for keeping backups of subscriber websites (

    And while I’m quoting, here is another one:

    IX Web Hosting does not guarentee to posses the most current copy of a subscribers website in it’s own backups

    Maybe this is true, but they do quarentee, or should I say promise, (and another quote)

    10. What kind of backup policies do you have in place?
    We perform daily on-site backup via our own custom-made backup solution.

    Can be seen:

    And in my books, a “Day Old” backup is pretty recent, but with the insecure and vunerable servers at IX, a Day Old Backup is as useful as a splinter in the eye.

  6. Mike Ritchie says:

    IX webhosting for me was great for the last 5 years I’ve been a customer. All up until about November 2008. Since then I have had problem after problem with them. And the customer service seems to have taken a nose dive recently.

    My site has been recently “Yahoo injected” and I have exhausted every possible solution. IX has been no help whatsoever, and has pretty much said it is my own fault. I have recently migrated my server which means everything on my site was completely wiped clean. But even now, my site is still being flagged by google as malicious when there can’t possibly be any code left.

    I was wondering, would switching to another webhost fix the yahoo counter issue do you think? This is not the only site I’ve come across with people having the same problems and suspecting IXwebhosting.

  7. Alex Golovko says:

    Let me clarify current situation). We installed sFTP for all Linux servers to protect file transfer process.
    Also, we installed mod_wrap for proftpd service, so customer is able to restrict FTP access by certain IP now.
    We had installed anti-virus protection too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t block viruses in real time due to high load on web server at the moment, but we notify our customers about all found viruses in their accounts. So we hope that all these updates will save your time.
    P,S, Don’t delete your local backup copy for site and ask support team how to setup auto backup via cron (Linux).
    Good luck

  8. johnsmith says:

    I have alot of hosting plans for them
    really they are a big cheates , I lost all my websites when they transfer to another state
    if any one need, I can publish the emails and the chat log with the support
    they only have big names, then when you actually needs somthing they reffer to the terms of use which is missleading
    i have 10s of examples ,
    cheaters …

  9. daivd says:

    Anyone have any problems with Said’s Host Excellence company? They keep randomly shutting down my email for a day at a time…and they just deleted my 500+ subscriber email list which i have no way of getting back!

    Please help!

  10. Roger says:

    IX Webhosting is now working also under the name of

    You can see the status blog of hostexcelence are the very same issue as Ixwebhosting…

    Strage to say the least…

  11. Lee says:

    Here’s a standard run-around with IX.

    1) Customer opens IM with an IX support tech and reports problem
    2) IX support “checks” and returns with “we cannot reproduce the problem” with the suggestion that the customer is certainly having problems not due to IX failure.
    3) In many cases, e.g. mine where they reset IIS then reply they cannot reproduce the problem.

    Now they’ve hired a local group in Columbus who can fluently speak English and help customers “feel” better, but in fact repeat the same run-around albeit with a western accented twist.

  12. webmaster says:

    I would never recommend to IIS shared server, not because of IX web hosting, but because of IIS nature. Lets talk about DNN; it work slow even on localhost and when it is the only site. What do you expect from shared host ?

    If you want to have a good ASP, ASP.NET hosting VPS or VDC is your solution!

  13. Hidenori Yamazuki says:

    I’ve been with IX for just over five years. At first, they seemed to be doing a good job, but the last 12-18 months has been hell. Server down-time is on the rise, while customer support and site access times are going down the drain. All I get are apologies, ridiculous excuses and, last of all, contradictions.
    A couple of days ago I created two support tickets. Two (apparently) different people replied. One said there was nothing wrong with their servers and that they had noticed that one of my graphics files was slowing down web access time (which is ridiculous because until a few days earlier the web site had been working fine). The second “technician” replied saying that they were recovering from a Denial-of-Service attack, and to try again later!
    As of today, I’m looking for a new hosting service.
    My personal opinion is that IX Web Hosting is just a pile of shit and their technicians are trained to lie. Internet is a highly competitive arena and I expect (and hope) that they won’t take long to close down.
    My advice: don’t waste your money on this bunch of sewer rat thieves.

  14. Ghayoor says:

    my website is currently hacked i am not fixing it anymore when i asked them to report the ip address to the authorities so that some action might be taken, they said it wont make a difference so they are not going to report the crime. I reported them to the BBB and i think everyone else should too. If BBB gets tons of complaints they will shut them down.

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