Let’s have a laugh



While doing my research I have come across some very serious situations, but sometimes you just can’t help but laugh.. I admit, it probably is a “I really want to cry” kind of laugh.
I have gathered some funny quotes from angry IX web hosting customers.. hopefully they will put a smile on your face.


 Negative Review of IX Web Hosting Shared Hosting from 9-28-08
Reviewer’s Website: h**p://www.d****store.nl 
Reviewer Marcel.

After complaining steadily, every day they finally offered to put the sites on a more stable server ???? Excuse me? A more stable server, so there is a choice? So, who decides on this?


There uptime garuantee is 99,9%, so about an hour a year. This year our sites were off line over 50 hours!
One day it was off line for 9 hours, when I asked my money back, they told me, they had to review over the full period. What a joke. If you are already 8 hours over downtime garuantee, how will you make up in the remaining period? Adding hours to the year?!


  Negative Review of IX Web Hosting Shared Hosting from 3-30-08
 Reviewer’s Website: h**p://b******om.com

I am now getting my emails blocked in particular by Road Runner because of the shared server. I have never received so much spam and no I don’t need a bigger penis.


Sylvia Brohawn, 04th 2007f February, 2007
Here I sat getting more and more pissed! As I try and find a working phone number for this company I find out that this company whos CEOs name is CEO Fathi Said that they are host toa terrorist propaganda site!!!! DAMN SCARY isnt it!!! Calling my credit card comapny calling and posting everywhere I can as fast as I can!!!! If you love your country and your Troops that are fighting these Devils pass this on!! Imagine a terrorist loving business existing in KY!!!! As I said before BE AFRAID BE VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!! follow these links on this guy, rotten terrorist lover!!!!http://www.verumserum.com/?p=640




 ************************************************************************Disappointed, 28th 2007f June, 2007
you may come to know what a brain seizure is really like after you’ve experienced the comical and incredibly maddening world of IX Web Hosting Customer Support.




Samantha, 01st 2008f February, 2008

I have been with them for 2 very long years, and for two very long years I have been suicidle.. IX web hosting has driven me to pills and alcohol. Don’t let them ruin your life as well.


Enrique Gutierrez, 21st 2008f October, 2008
They’re about 20 hours away from being served legal papers for damages and theft, in addition to getting a boot crammed up their asses for being the worst web hosting experiences I’ve ever had to deal with in my 9 years of web dev.


cariani, 20th 2008f June, 2008
THEY DID DIRECTLY AND WIHTOUT ANY WARNINGS SUPSPEND MY ACCOUNT!! If you have more than 50 vistiors a day, IXWEBHOSTING WILL SUSPEND YOU and the most bad thing is- in the beginning, you will read “ACCOUNT SUPSENDED” and they put their own material ADVERTISING WITH SEX-LINKS ON YOUR WEBSITE!!!*****************************************************************************

IX Customer Calls IX … Funny to say the least.


And someone else calls as well.


This one is sad but true… and FUNNY!!

Learn Whose Services You Can Trust
TheHostingChart.Com is your resource for expert guidance when choosing a hosting company. We put our combined experience to work for you, focusing on the shared hosting industry and providing reviews that go far deeper than first-impressions and superficial considerations. Investing several months in each evaluation, we save our readers time, energy and money, enabling them to make the best choice the first time!
WOW!!!, tell me more about this fantastic EXPERT resource site…
TheHostingChart.Com is the premier shared hosting review site, providing helpful and thorough assessments of the top shared hosting companies on the market.

Since 2003, TheHostingChart.Com has developed a reputation for accurate reporting on the state of the shared hosting industry’s top players. Our reviews are conducted over the course of several months, and cover all aspects of hosting, from performance and reliability to customer support and value.

With this information, we provide those who are on the market for a new host all of the information they need to make an informed and appropriate decision. This is our purpose, to help you make the right choice the first time!

Well, if it’s on this site it HAS to be good, sign me up to the BEST!!..
HANG ON!!!!.. it say’s that IX WEB HOSTING is the BEST…
Shit!!, maybe after all of this, it IS the fault of 200,000 customers that their sites get hacked on a weekly basis !! .. Surely Not??
Let’s just do a quick check and see who owns this site (and I quote) ” Whose Services You Can Trust “…
Take a look for yourself…
YESSSSS, Yet again lieing and decieving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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