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Today I recieved a new wave of unhappy IX Web Hosting Customers, sending me details on how the pathetic support treats them… I can tell within hours of IX Web Hosting being yet again injected, just by the the ammount of search queries I am tracking.
3 days ago I tracked 78  ” ixwebhosting hacked” ( or similer ) this morning it peaked over 820, and sure enough and was injected.  These are the ones I am certain about, because I (we) have sites on those, but probably it was more than just ns5 & 6.

Customers are still being blamed by IX web hosting.  One person was even told to shut up, pack up or find a competent  web master to host his / her site properly..   I had to laugh, not because it was funny, but it was just unbelievable.. these pathetic, thick  bunch of IX retards, that don’t know how to restart a pc, let alone run a buisness, tells a paying customer  to shut up, pack up or find a competent  web master to host his / her site properly…

So, it’s all about the person who hosts / looks after / runs your web site… ???

Let me tell you about an issue I had with one of IX’s Managers… LAUREN 
3 days before talking to Lauren I had already spoken to DREW, KENNY and JAMES, all three of these managers explained the situation to me in plain english, I even have it in writing from Kenny, that they had an issue with certain ( or a certain) outdated Php modules, that was allowing the injected script to infect whole servers, and they were working on a solution.. When I mentioned that customers were still being blamed for this problem they told me that it was a communication glitch, and ALL the Support, both USA and Eastern Block would be briefed about the situation.

So, 3 days later, I phone and ask for a manager, because I had info about the server being injected for the 3 time in 4 weeks. Immediately she turned hostile, and started blaming me for having a 777 permission, when I explained that, not only did I have no 777 permissions, I had NO folders, No scripts, just 5 web sites that were 100% html.. she still continued to blame me, untill I told her that I had spoken to the other managers, and that I was told that it was a php module on their server.. Then , and only then did she lose her attitude..

So these support baffoons and managers are still blaming customers, for not knowing how to secure a website, so maybe we should follow their example….

Let’s take a look a 2 web sites… and who do these web sites belong to?… You got it!…  LAUREN  IX Web Host Manager .  And YES, they are both injected, and have been now for over 2 weeks

( for those who are lucky enough not to have a site hosted at IX, and don’t know where to look, click on the link, view the source code, and at the footer you will see the injected script )

But  Manager and Webmaster LAUREN’s sites are injected!!..  Does this  mean the Managers are REALLY as thick and retard as they sound??… I guess so..  maybe jewelry is her forte

Ooohh, she also has another website, but that is hosted elsewhere, NOT IX, and that site is CLEAN