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EVERYONE  knows that IX web hosting pays for high listings and “Praise Reviews’ [ read article HERE  ] and their ” Affiliate Army ” is told to SPAM boards trying to lure people to use IX Web Hosting. Do not be fooled by the low prices and  Unlimited Everything, Do NOT become a statistic, because like 1000’s before you, you WILL regret it.

Just see for yourself what REAL Customers that have NOT been paid to post positive comments about IX have to say:


AND Another one

You will start noticing “Positive” reviews being posted by the Paid Affiliate Army.. but they always stand out as being Fake.


During the past 2 days I have been bombarded with unhappy IX Web Hosting customers that can no longer update / change their files because IX Web Hosting changed  ALL FTP Passwords without warning.

Here is one  Email I recieved today.

Dear  ******,

We would like to inform you of the new security updates we are making at IX Web Hosting. In our ongoing efforts to maintain security, we have dedicated our system administration team to investigating all possible vulnerabilities. One of the necessary updates we are making to enhance security is to change all FTP passwords. This will ensure that all of the protective measures we have and will be taking remain impervious to outside influence – this includes any security compromises that exist on the Internet that may negatively affect your account.

If you experience any problems logging in to your account via FTP, please take a look at the following information to regain FTP access.

You can visit for an in-depth tutorial with screenshots on how to update your FTP password, or you can follow the simple steps below.

  • Visit and login.
  • Look for the section called “Hosting Products” and click on the Manage button for your hosting account.
  • Look for an icon called “FTP Manager” and click on it. In this area, you will find an icon that resembles a pencil and paper. Click on it to change your FTP password. Please note: to ensure the security of your website, you should not use the same password as your previous password.

It is always recommended that you choose a strong password. We have provided you with a website which will help evaluate the strength of the password you choose:

We are in the process of performing several upgrades to strengthen security. As new developments are made on the server-side and in regards to your FTP account, we will be sure to keep you informed!

We would like to sincerely thank you for your understanding and also, of course, for hosting with us. If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us via ticket, live chat or our 24/7 phone support. We are here for you 24/7 and would be happy to address any concerns you might have!

Thanks again,

Sammie Taunton
Director of Customer Relations 


I thought it was a scam because all the links pointed to ““, so I just ignored it for a while.

Later in the evening, I was going to forward the email to IXWebhosting, but on a lark decided to check out, and found out it was a mass email company.  It then occurred to me that IX might have used them, so I started digging into my sites.

I did indeed find that they had hosed ALL of my FTP passwords.  This is not a big deal if you are just uploading static HTML pages with pictures of your puppies, but I have 16 sites on a PHP CMS I wrote myself.  Since every site has at least one unique FTP password, and they are scattered here and there (trying to be somewhat unspecific on purpose 😉  ) it’s going to take a while to change all this.

I tried to call IX, but of course the wait was an hour, so to amuse myself I started a chat session with “customer support”.  Yes, those quotes are there for a reason.  I realize this may not place me in the best light, but I was REALLY ticked off.  Here’s the transcript of the chat…


Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with ‘Kirill Skripka’

Kirill Skripka: Hello, my name is Kirill. How can I help you today?

you: I got a VERY strange email today about changing my FTP passwords – I think it’s a scam – have you seen it yet, or do you know anything about it?

Kirill Skripka: That is e-mail from us. Please change your password for the FTP from your Control panel->FTP manager->Password

Kirill Skripka: All password were changed, due to ProFtpd upgrade on the server side

Kirill Skripka: Please change your FTP password and try to connect to your site via FTP again

you: Are you guys out of your minds????? How about a little notice???? I have a lot of programming changes to make for several sites!!!!!!

you: Why isn’t there anything about this on the Control Panel?

Kirill Skripka: We have send notification e-mail to all costumers

you: No, you sent notification that you had DONE it, not that you were GOING to do it

Kirill Skripka: yes, that was notification. If we sent e-mail before changing password then could be misunderstanding about when exactly we will change it and other. Also we could not check if you have read our pre-notification and only then start to change passwords

Kirill Skripka: We are honestly apologize for inconveniences caused to you

you: Do you have any REAL programmers there???? I have like 16 sites I have to change RIGHT NOW. What is WRONG with you people????????

you: You have to be out of your freaking mind if you think this is good customer service!!!!!!!

you: I’m on hold on the phone line – I’ll be speaking to a supervisor. I figure I’ll be on hold for about 90 mins. at the rate it’s going.

you: And by the way – the email LOOKS like a scam. I’m not even sure I’m really talking to IXWebhosting here.

Kirill Skripka: We are sorry again, but that was necessary move to change FTP passwords

you: Actually, no, it wasn’t. You could have let us know this was GOING to happen. I’m gonna have a bunch of VERY pissed off customers. Not unlike the way I’m pissed off with IXWebhosting right now.

you: Is there anything on the site about this?

Kirill Skripka: there should not be anything on the site. It is not non-costumers business that we have something change to our costumers. They are not allow to see that info just view our site. We have sent e-mail.

you: That’s a bunch of crap and you know it. Or you should.

you: This is completely unacceptable. I’m going to be up half the night trying to fix this.

you: Explain to me again as best you can why this had no notice.

you: Did it not occur to anyone that there might be programming issues on sites to deal with????

you: As for non-customer business – I can understand that – BUT THE EMAIL LOOKS LIKE A SCAM

Kirill Skripka: We did notice you. E-mail is the best way to do it. Pre-information will not be fine.

you: Look, child, do you have any programming experience?

you: Have you ever dealt with anything like this?

you: Do you have a supervisor there with any experience?

you: Actually, in one regard you are correct – email is the best way to contact us – but an email pointing to a page visible to us AFTER we sign in, and with a notice that “in 48 hours (or whatever) we will be upgrading…blah, blah, blah…”

you: Honestly, this is BUSH league. I will be copying this chat exchange and putting it onto a blog for other people to see.

you: People need to know what kind of stuff IXWebhosting pulls

Kirill Skripka: I want to inform you of the new security updates we are making at IX Web Hosting. In our ongoing efforts to maintain security, we have dedicated our system administration team to investigating all possible vulnerabilities. One of the necessary updates we made to enhance security was to *change all FTP passwords*. This will ensure that all of the protective measures we have and will be taking remain impervious to outside influence – this includes any security compromises that exist on the Internet that may negatively affect your account. We are in the process of performing several upgrades to strengthen security. As new developments are made on the server-side and in regards to your FTP account, we will be sure to keep you informed!

you: Yes, thank you, I read it the first time. It doesn’t make any more sense now than it did when I first read it. The problem is THERE WAS NO NOTICE. I have to go SITE BY SITE and see if there is anything I have to change. My hope is the existing passwords are all still working.

you: Honestly – do you think I had nothing better to do tonight than change all my sites. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!???? WERE YOU THINKING??????

you: Is there a supervisor available?

Kirill Skripka: Please note, that changing FTP password do not affect your site work  [NOTE:  I LOVED this line!  >.<]

Kirill Skripka: but you should change it to be able upload your files with FTP connection

you: You are REALLY stupid. Excuse me, but you are. THE FTP passwords are in the programs that my customers use to upload files.

you: They are embedded in the programs I wrote.


Kirill Skripka: Yes, we have


Kirill Skripka: hold on please, let me transfer you to my supervisor

you: Thank you

Chat InformationPlease wait while I transfer the chat to ‘Yuliya Gordeeva’.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with ‘Yuliya Gordeeva’

Yuliya Gordeeva: Hello, my name is Yuliya.

you: First, Yuliya – are you Kirill’s supervisor?

Yuliya Gordeeva: Let me read your conversation with Kirill

Yuliya Gordeeva: yes, I am

you: While you’re reading – I realize you probably can’t do anything about any of this – but I’m REALLY pissed off. This is completely unacceptable – both the way the change was handled and the idiot advice from Kirill

Yuliya Gordeeva: Please accept my apologies for some misunderstanding in the previous conversation

Yuliya Gordeeva: Let me draw your attention to that fact that our system administrators are investigating the problem related to the security of our servers in order to help customers protect their websites from any hack attempts. That is why changing all FTP password was an urgent action. Please accept my apologies that we have not informed you about such actions.

you: Yes, you sent me an email telling me you had already done it, not that you were going to do it. ALL MY SITES ARE BROKEN – EVERY LAST ONE. Well, I take that back, I’ve checked about four of them, but I’m certain they are all hosed

you: This is not in the presentation of the site to the public, but rather in the administration of the site by my clients.

Yuliya Gordeeva: As you already know we are in process of updating Apache on all

Yuliya Gordeeva: servers from 1.3.1 to 1.3.36, ProFTPd from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2

you: Again – if I’d had some notice, I could have made this a relatively transparent change.

you: Sorry, no, didn’t know that – no one notified me

you: It’s not that big a deal to me – I like upgrades, as a rule, but I needed some notice.

Yuliya Gordeeva: I’m sorry, but all your websites are not broken due to that fact that we have changed only your FTP password. Please understand that if such changes have not made all the websites can be hacked or affected by any malware

you: Since this one BROKE my passwords, it has a larger than normal effect

Yuliya Gordeeva: So all the actions were turned to increase the security of your websites

you: Excuse me, but as a matter of fact they ARE broken. I just tried several of them – not on the front end, but on the site administration for MY clients – through the PHP CMS I wrote

Yuliya Gordeeva: Please understand that you need to change only your FTP password and then use your new password to access your FTP

you: Again, I appreciate upgrading the security, but you made a false assumption that changing those passwords had a very small effect

Yuliya Gordeeva: Kindly please give it a tty

you: I’m number two on the telephone cue – I’ll see if someone there has more understanding of this. Have you ever tried programming FTP functions in PHP?

Yuliya Gordeeva: Please be sure that changing FTP password is not the only one change we made

you: It is relatively simple, but I have a lot of places to change it.

you: Thanks – I’m aware of that, and I really do appreciate the upgrade – I REALLY DO! But since they changed my passwords without any notice, I’m in a bit of a bind for time to fix it.

Yuliya Gordeeva: Please note that some widespread trojans have a functions to steal FTP passwords from user`s local PC`s and send these passwords to hackers (or special bots which were made by hackers). So please imagine that some of the password were stolen before we made such changes

Yuliya Gordeeva: and how many websites will be hacked if passwords are still the same

you: Yes, I know. It’s a very old problem. One I’m not sure we’ll ever beat as a computing community.

you: It’s not like I have a choice here, is it? 🙂

Yuliya Gordeeva: I’m really sorry that we made a couple problems for you by these changes but I hope that all that we are doing right now will save you and your websites from any hacking alerts

you: Gosh, thanks so much. Actually, it’s about 16-20 passwords, and 16-20+ scripts to change them in.

you: They were all random characters already.

Yuliya Gordeeva: I would like to assure you that we are trying to provide the best services including web service and fast technical support. We are working hard to prevent any issues from happening and doing our best in order to advance the level of services provided.

Yuliya Gordeeva: Yes, I really understand you

you: Yes, thanks. You’ve been so helpful.

Yuliya Gordeeva: You are always welcome!

you: I’ll talk to the phone support and let them know how REALLY UNHAPPY I am.

Yuliya Gordeeva: Again we deeply apologize for all inconveniences you have faced with our services and would like to say that we are more than thankful for your great patience and understanding. We will do our best to satisfy you as our customer and provide an upper-scale support and services to you.

Yuliya Gordeeva: I’m sorry, but there is really no way to restore previous passwords

Yuliya Gordeeva: So kindly please change it to the new ones

you: I’ll get right on that…

Yuliya Gordeeva: ok, that’s great. Thank you very much!


(sigh)  I then talked to someone with a little better command of the English language on phone support, and he said something to the effect that he’d come on at 10:30 PM and when he heard what they had done he knew it was going to be a bad night.

Well, I’m looking for a new host.  Please feel free to post any of this you would like.

Seve, 29th 2009f December, 2008
Ooohh alright, I’ll GIVE them away!!Still no takers?..

Don’t blame ya!!

Steve, 29th 2009f December, 2008
Anyone want to buy my 2 buisness Accounts I have with IX ? I’ll sell them for a good price.. IX is the leader in quality Web Hosting, and comes with top notch support.. especially if you speak Ukrainian.. C’mon be part of history, IX might not be around for much longer.
Rich, 29th 2009f December, 2008
IX is so full of shit, I can smell them fro here. These dickwads are clueless, they are a laughing stock. Anyone hosting their sites with these people need to seriously start looking for another host. IX is gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better.. thats if they survive the loss of so many customers.
James, 29th 2009f December, 2008
6 weeks ago I purchased an account with ix webhosting, in this 6 week periode my site has been cleaned and re uploaded 14 times!! every other day it gets injected with a .htaccess file, and gets redirected. I do not have any scripts for my site an no .htaccess file. ix has constantly blamed me for this. Luckily I only have one site, I’m counting my loss and moving away.
Bart de Vries, 29th 2009f December, 2008
A complete bunch of ignorent stuck up turds!!.. couldn’t run a stopwatch, let alone a hosting company.
Oz, 29th 2009f December, 2008
IXWEBHOSTING is bent!I mean all my domains had a .htaccess file which redirected all search engine traffic to another website (located at to download malacious files (virus).

This is the contents of the .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*oogle.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*aol.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*msn.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*altavista.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*ask.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*ahoo.*$ [NC]
RewriteRule .* [R,L]

It’s rewriting code to direct all users from Search engines away from my websites.

Good bye IX!

Juloep, 28th 2008f December, 2008
I just read this website and here you can see that ix people are thiefes
Juloep, 28th 2008f December, 2008
I have holiday for 6 days, and when I get home my website has gone, instead a page tells everyone my web site is terminated.. I call ix and they tell me my site was phishing site.. I tell them that it is a mistake, my website is about hotel in Tunisia.. I ask for them to please put my website back because people think I am now a thief but they say i must buy a new account. these people are VERY bad people, they make me look like thief but they are thief!!
Eddie, 28th 2008f December, 2008
Another website screwed by IX. Luckily I was nearing the end of my contract when they decided to suspend my account for “Phishing” All the suspected folders had permissions of “httpd”. A week prior to IX shutting my site down (Suspended). They had informed me that my site had been “hacked” and had a virus in it. They claimed to have fixed it. Only to shut down my site shortly after. Look at some of the recent comments under mine and you will see that I’m not the only one. IXWebHosting is crap. I only dealt with it for as long as I did because I had already paid. Unfortunately I didn’t have the site as a whole backed up. Now I have to go and rebuild it again from multiple sources.They shut my site down 2 other times before. They claimed TOS for copyright infringement. The infringing products were my own pictures from my car club in Souther California. Apparently I’m not allowed to have a nice car and know others that do as well. (G35Driver)
Jack Brown, IT Director, 26th 2008f December, 2008
The best hosting company list at:
John M, 26th 2008f December, 2008
I am so pissed off with ixwebhosting, they know they have an issue with their servers, but they still blame the customers. I have 2 static sites, and they have been injected nad the files permission changed to httpd. When I phoned support I was blamed for in-secure folder permissions, when I told them I did not have any folders, they told me to purchase an anti virus software, and scan my pc!! I told them My McAfee AV is 2 months old and up to date, and scans every Tuesday and Friday.. Then they told me to TRY ANOTHER Anti Virus software Keep away from these idiots
Tom, 25th 2008f December, 2008
Today without warning ix web shutdown my account, because I ran a script on it, I have a photography site for newly weds, I know nothing of any script. They are rude and are blaming me for their problems. How can I get my database and all my files? Can I sue them?
Jacque, 25th 2008f December, 2008
Once they were a very good company, but now they are the worst, and the worst just keeps getting worse.
Avoid ix web hosting until they get their act together. more info
Babs, 25th 2008f December, 2008
What a nightmare!! Talk about crooks, it is beyond me that IX is still in buisness.
I would not host my site with them for FREE
Been there.. done it… got the stress
2 matt, 25th 2008f December, 2008
Hi there,
go on to check how fast the server is.
On bottom of the website is link to EBH.
matt, 18th 2008f December, 2008 server has been down for now 3 hours. My company cannot retreive important data. I think this company is so damn unprofessional. If anyone has any other suggestions for other good webhosting companies, please do let me know!
cashzzz, 18th 2008f December, 2008
Server has been down now for over 2 hours….ixwebhosting keeps telling us to wait 15-30 more minutes… we cannot keep waiting like this. They said the server is under maintenance, but the server should not be down like this for more than 2 hours.. not sure how much longer…
cashzzz, 18th 2008f December, 2008
Server is down as of now. for over 1 hour 30 minutes… we are told the server will be up another 30 minutes but that was 30 minutes ago.
Chris, 17th 2008f December, 2008
It was a nightmare dealing with these horrendous people at IX Webhosting.- For the seven months my site was hosted there, there were a lot of slow downs, database cut-offs and data lost, and they never provide any compensation or explanation of why that happened

– IX reserves the right to cut off your website at anytime whenever they feel like to. At first they would not tell you they are going to cut you off, they just asked you to accept their TOS terms of service. Once you did that they cut you off immediately.

– Worst of all, they do not allow user to download their own website or database once they suspended your account. If you are not prepared you will be totally screwed. I have never seen hosting company not providing user their database when they move out of the host.

– Technical support is horrendous, either the person there just try to play dumb or are complete idiots. They do not listen to your words, they just repeat themselves over and over again as if they are merely answering machines.

– Make sure you read every single word in their terms of service, there are a lot of unfair terms to the user, make sure you are alright with every single term in there before you sign up. These guys sure know how to make a fool of you by playing with the terms.

they are bad, 16th 2008f December, 2008
They are pretty bad , but have you checked out IPower.For years of consistant appalling service, i doubt you’d get any worse – anywhere .

Why nearly all of the top 10 listed here are still in business is beyond me – most (not all) of them are not worth counting anywhere in the top 1000!

Koima, 12th 2008f December, 2008
WOW, I never see so many bad comments I think I will never use ixwebhosting
fuckIX, 12th 2008f December, 2008
ixwebhosting can kiss my arse. 2 years of these pathetic people is enough.
IX does not give a damn shit about customers, they take your money and screw you
David Lee, 11th 2008f December, 2008
My htaccess file was replaced and my website was down yestoday.
It seems like nothing they gonna do to make their hosting service to be the one it should be.
I have to upload htaccess every 4 days. ixwebhosting is a shit!
I want my money back!
Sandra, 11th 2008f December, 2008
I am so glad that I only have 2 web sites with these crooks. I wish I had found this site before. I purchased my account 7 weeks ago, and since then I have had nothing but trouble, in those 7 weeks I have had to upload backups 11 times!!
I tried to use their support 3 times, but each time all they said was I needed to create a ticket..
Bottom line, AVOID IX web hosting
Harry, 09th 2008f December, 2008
IX wehosting is a 100% rip off, I cannot understand that they are still allowed to sell hosting. My sites are hacked on a weekly basis. Support are a bunch of ignorant retards that belong in a Zoo cleaning up the animal shit!!
IX web hosting, Please do yourself a favor, and pull the plug!! You are without doubt a disgrace to the hosting world.
J C, 01st 2008f December, 2008
Our websites has been Hacked again
We were connected with IXWebHosting
Now we have enough and cancelled our multiple accounts with them



Patrick, 28th 2008f July, 2008 is basically bottom of the barrel hosting. I can’t imagine anything worse. Their server went down again Saturday and now my entire wiki website no longer works because of a corrupted database. Do not use this host because you WILL have problems. Lots of them.
Pascal, 28th 2008f July, 2008
I have to admit, IXwebhosting is not that good. My site has been down 4 times in the past year. sometimes it takes 12-24 hours to get things back up and running. The email servers have been slow lately. Right now, my FTP service does not work; I can’t login either. I’ve started looking for another host because reliability is my main concern.
Alex Ho, 28th 2008f July, 2008
Ok, GUYS, I’m so pissed with this ixwebhosting sh*t. 2 weeks ago their MySQL server was down and they didn’t save a back up for me even they could be able to back up some other databases which made me so pissed coz I have a forum of 12,000 members for 5 years. (Fortunately I got my own back up, but it’s 6 months old!) Yes, I called them, chatted live, emailed, ticketed, all sh*t, but all I got was “we are wrking on it”. Funny, huh?

They have cheap plans, I agree, the reason I chose them cause they had cheap plans, and I tested their website speed with a tool, and their site speed was light speed. However, after using their hosting for 2 years, now their hosting service turned out too bad now. My sites have been on and off, regardless the daytime or nighttime. Just imagine you staying home on Saturday night and Sunday night coding your site instead of going out watch movies with your cute girlfriend, and suddenly the site&host&ftp… everything shut down at 1am when you are so stuck with the code, that’s b*** sh*t huh?


I’m on my way finding another hosting, hix

Anyway, read over this comment box to see how BAD this hosting service is! I saw about 95% NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!, 27th 2008f July, 2008
The server is down right now receiving the following error: HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error. The reply from the tech support said they cannot help and we need to send a ticket to the center. All sites are down. It’s time to move servers.
kads, 22nd 2008f July, 2008
i am moving webhost. my site is down at the moment, their support doesnt even speak english, my emails dont work. their site doesn’t work. + when my site does load, it loads at 2 miles per century. im moving to which has awesome reviews., 20th 2008f July, 2008
I think we have to throw in the towel soon. We have given ixwebhosting a serious try and in the past 2 months, the web server has been down more than 8-10 times. The email server also had problems as well and does not send out emails. We have also contacted the tech support online, which is good they have this feature, but they never know how to fix the problem. They will ask you to send an email. But they wont fix it until hours up to 5 days. We are looking for better hosting and would like your suggestions. Ixwebhosting is not good enough at this point. Server has too many problems and downtime is serious., 20th 2008f July, 2008 server ns13, and ns14 is currently down. We have contacted ixwebhosting support and they do not how to fix the problem. The server has been down for 3 days intermittently. The server is down now.
Steve, 19th 2008f July, 2008
The uptime is brilliant. My site has only been down twice for about 5 minutes. But I do not recommend this host. The MySQL server I am on has a lot of problems. Some guy I know keylogged me and got into my forums and deleted everything. The backups I uploaded wouldn’t work, so I made a support ticket. It took them TWO WEEKS to reply. They said they had a backup from the day before it was hacked. I asked them to restore it. A week later they replied again and said they didn’t have the backup. So, I had to completely start my forum over again. Next month I will be moving host, and I asked them to email me a backup of my website. I have been waiting 3 days so far and still no reply from them.

THE SUPPORT SUCKS. Do not host with these guys. It is a waste of money and a waste of time. Plus they have really bad servers.

abimbola, 15th 2008f July, 2008
In the name of almighty God, do not host with ixwebhosting!You will have the greatest regrets in your life. All the websites I have been developing for years disappeared and ixwebhosting said that was due to massive hard storage failure and that the data are irrecoverable.Please,Please,Please do not host with this company as it is not a company but a form of internet dupe!
good by_ix, 12th 2008f July, 2008
ix webhosting service
# Stop service ticketing technical support.
# Stop service database.
# Problems are endless.
# Company on the precipice, waiting to fall down.
# I advise you: Make your files and transferred into the computer.
kads, 09th 2008f July, 2008
have opened a ticket for 2 days on ix, and it hasnt been responded to. live chat is also unhelpful. my emails are down and i can’t access them. this is the first problem i’ve had.
cashzzz, 03rd 2008f July, 2008
Okay, it has been now 4-5 days that the email server does not work with ixwebhosting. They keep saying please wait 24 hours and the issue will be resolved. But so far their email webserver is not working or sending emails out. I think I may need to throw in the towel soon. Ixwebhosting does not know how to run their web servers or maintain it. If they do not fix the email server 2 more days, I have to urgently move my server.. anyone with good suggestions of a company who is reliable, know how to maintain the server, doesn’t overload the servers, has multi domain hosting for ASP classic pages, and uses HSphere, please let me know. Thank you.
cashzzz, 02nd 2008f July, 2008
I’m quite frustrated because the email server at ixwebhosting is not working properly . Not sending out emails at all. This is the second day and the issue is not resolved yet. Really frustrating. If anyone has suggestions of other hosting that uses hsphere control panel and unlimited domain hosting, pls let me know.


IX Web Hosting has been  continuously hacked since April of 2008. Thousands of innocent paying customers are furious because of the way IX web hosting has handled the situation.
It has been a well known fact that hackers have seeded and are using IX web hostings servers to inject various scripts into every file on the vunerable server, infecting 1000’s of sites.

I myself had 7 personal  business accounts ( about 60 sites) with IX webhosting, I had them for 4 years, the first 3 years was plain sailing, I was happy with the service provided, and apart from the everyday minor hiccups, things went as they should have.
The trouble started this year 2008 when IX moved all their servers to a new location.

The sheer hosting hell that followed will be posted in the coming days / weeks / months / years

I will be posting links to other topics, printscreen images of support tickets, Emails between myself and IX web hosting, and links for innocent duped customers to file complaints against ixwebhosting.  

Please leave genuine feedback about your experience  with IX web hosting.