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“you may come to know what a brain seizure is really like after you’ve experienced the comical and incredibly maddening world of IX Web Hosting Customer Support.”

Ix web hosting worst host ever

Posted by **** *****  Dec.26, 2009 

With one of the best pricing plans, and seemingly unlimited capability, fails to live up to any claim of service dependability. Uptime? In the past 30 days, the server hosting my websites [not associated with] has been down 4 times. This downtime typically lasts 3-6 hours.

Typical response from ixwebhosting tech support: Sorry!

This is the first time I have encountered this in the approx. 5 years I have used the service. I switched to different servers last month. Tech support says upgrades [blade servers] are coming in January and that ixwebhosting will “redeem themselves” with this update. I hope so!

I can’t recommend this service to anyone. Had you asked me a couple months ago, I would have raved about the service. I have not had an issue with billing or tech support previously. Is tech support located in India? Possibly. Seems lately, I reach Jahuud Hussein each time I call the 800#.

These are the issues I have encountered. What other issues are lurking within ixwebhosting? If you have had issues with ixwebhosting services, or can recommend a better hosting service – let me know!

I did find this quote from one [former] ixwebhosting customer on the web “you may come to know what a brain seizure is really like after you’ve experienced the comical and incredibly maddening world of IX Web Hosting Customer Support.”.

Original artical can be found HERE


EVERYONE  knows that IX web hosting pays for high listings and “Praise Reviews’ [ read article HERE  ] and their ” Affiliate Army ” is told to SPAM boards trying to lure people to use IX Web Hosting. Do not be fooled by the low prices and  Unlimited Everything, Do NOT become a statistic, because like 1000’s before you, you WILL regret it.

Just see for yourself what REAL Customers that have NOT been paid to post positive comments about IX have to say:


AND Another one

You will start noticing “Positive” reviews being posted by the Paid Affiliate Army.. but they always stand out as being Fake.

First of all, lets break this down for the wise folks at ix web hosting that follow these rantings..

100% ….. 30 day(s) …. Money Back ….. Guarantee 

Sounds good, but is this really true??.. or are the small letters hidden in some dark corner.. Well we found someone that gave it a try, and here is the story…..

PACKAGE :  Business package incl. 2 FREE domain names

PRICE PAID: With their end-of-year special, I even got a special price ($17.27 for three months, with a year agreement)  and paid $95.40 via credit card for a year’s worth of service.

CANCELLED : on day 30 ( the last day)

( needed for 100% refund) REASON OF CANCELLATION :  I was blindly suckered in by your outrageous claims regarding the quality of your service. In the last two weeks I have experienced no less than *THREE* outages due to database issues. I’m going back — no, *RUNNING* back — to a former provider. They  provide better service, and at a better price to boot. Please terminate this account immediately. Monetarily, rape me for whatever your contract allows — I don’t care. At this point, I’d just about pay you to be done with you. Good riddance. [name witheld]

So, they refunded you the full $95.40??


As mentioned above, IX Web Hosting’s package came with two “FREE” domains, which I promptly registered. They were stupid domain names that I’ll probably never use, but hey, they were “FREE”, right? Uh, no. Of the $95.40 I paid to IX Web Hosting, they credited me :

  • $57.45 “for unused but prepaid period of Business Plus”
  • charged me $18.21 for the first domain
  • charged me $18.21 for the second domain
  • refunded me a grand total of $21.03

WHAT!!!!  $21.03!! … but that is just 22% of $95.40

Now that is what we call DECEIVING YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!



Now we ALL know how rude, stuckup, obnoxious and un-caring the majority ( not all, some deserve respect) of IX Web Hosting’s Support are, so the following REAL LIFE examples will not come as a surprise to most of you.

These 2 examples were reported to IX Web Hosting in Jan. 2008, 3 months BEFORE the May disaster that led to 10’s of servers being seeded, and up to 200,000 sites infected… Now let me be clear, that these examples are probably not related to what happened, but the OBNOXIOUS mentality of IX Web Hosting definitely has!!…

Please note, that these issues have now been fixed ( otherwise I would not post them here) 


” – Using phpshell and runing the chsh program on server side
the users are able to change their default shell from /bin/nologin to any other shell and get

access to the IX servers by ssh
I hope my effort to inform you about the flaw will you not understand as a malicious activity. ”



” – Although pointing out that minor security flaw wasn’t viewed as malicious activity, please understand that any other attempts to hack into our system will be viewed as such, and it will be treated according to our policies.


?? !! What not even a Thank You!!??… Nope.. wayyyyy to obnoxious for a Thank You!!


The default installation of IX’s “click and install” E-commerce software allows read and write rights to users directory to anyone on the internet. You probably  have lot of affected users..

( No state of the art hacking needed. There is a nice php admin interface without password. OK, I know what is in your mind: You will notice at the first login that nobody asked your admin password. The trap is that the admin interface is linked only in to the cPanel and when you access it you have the feeling that the password authentication is missing because the authentication is derived from your cPanel access (as in many other applications and settings in cPanel). After all, a hacker can easily upload a malicious php file and execute some nice exec() calls affecting the rest of your domains hosted by IX webhosting.)

IX’s Response : ( you’re gonna luv this one!!)

“If you don’t like it, don’t use our Easy Install products.”

Ooooohhh Yes, it is good to be appreciated!!

Credits to ZolTan for the info



One of IX Web Hosting’s  EXTREMELY OVERLOADED Server crashed a few days ago, leaving thousands of customers sites offline for …… more than 35 HOURS!!… Not minutes, HOURS!!.

When we contacted Support, we were told ( lied to) that the server was down for maintenance, and to be patient (hahaha) things would be up and running within an hour!!.. after the SEVENTH phonecall (28 hours later) we were finally told that the server was fried  and backups needed to be transfered to the new server..

AGAIN another example of how IX Web Hosting LIES to their customers as for long as they can get away with it.. When they have been rumbled, and have their backs to the wall, only then do they admit to the truth!!

This is going to be pretty tricky for IX Web Hosting  to keep to their 99.99% uptime guarantee


:: EDIT May 25th ::

We just recieved information from an insider at IX Web Hosting, that for months they had KNOWN issues with the server that fried… but the issues were ignored.

Just goes to show how much they care..

Hundreds of unhappy IX Web Hosting Customers are contacting me, telling me they are still being blamed for the Yahoo Counter Script Injection and the .htaccess hack.

IX is blaming ” Folder Permissions ”  saying 777 should not be used, and in the case that NO FOLDERS are being used, they turn to the ” Ftp Virus”   BOTH of these are complete rubbish and LIES, and if you corner an IX Web Host manager with some facts and a bit of knowledge they will admit that it IS an issue on the ” IX Servers”

I have been PERSONALLY told by THREE MANAGERS.. Kenny, Drew and Lauren that IX is aware that they have security issues, and each time they assure me that the problem will be fixed soon, that was 9 months ago!!
The problem has not been solved, and is nowhere near being solved, actually it is getting worse.
Almost 10 months ago the problem was the iFrame Yahoo Counter was injected into every file, today the problems are numerous 3 different  injections and a .htaccess hack!! on both the php4 and php5 platform.

So, why is IX Web Hosting admitting they have issues to certain people, and LIEING to others? The reason to this is because the Support Monkeys have been told to NEVER admit that IX has issues, if the monkeys admitted to every customer that it was due to IX’s security issues that more than 120.000 sites were being infected on a weekly basis, all hell would break loose and somewhere along the line someone would sue.
So, as of yet for as far as I know it is only certain managers that are admitting to certain people, that IX is to blame.   

IX Web Hosting blames 777 folder Permission!!!… Do me a favor!!, it’s 2009, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people are using Open Source CMS (content management system ) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc..etc..
Many of these scripts will not work without 777 permission ( images, templates etc)

If in 2009 IX Web Hosting cannot host a CMS site  without it getting injected or defaced, then they are NOT FIT to host websites and should pack their bags and leave town … for good!!

Why is it, that IX has a page on their website that explains in detail how to install and use WordPress and Joomla, but they still blame customers for using these CMS scripts.

Next time you speak to an IX  Support  Monkey ask them how the following  is possible

  1. 5 html sites ( 100% html) not running any scripts or folders get injected?
  2. How is it possible to MASS overwrite 644 files (.htaccess)
  3. How is it possible to MASS add .htaccess files
  4. Why is it, that if I did have an Ftp Virus, they only inject 2 buisness accounts, when they would have access to all 4?.. Why dont they inject all 4?
  5. Why is it only IX Web Hosting and Host Excellence ( owned by ix web hosting) are having these problems? if it was a 777 folder permission issue 100’s of Millions would be affected, and EVERY webhost in the  world would have the same problems.
  6. ANY Server Side injection of 1000’s of sites is surely the responsibility of IX, and NOT a Folder Permission issue.. I have access to all my folders, but there is no way that I can access someone elses site.
    It’s clear that this issue is server root related.

One more thing, a 777 folder used by the likes of WordPress or Joomla ARE SAFE!!..  Does IX Web Hosting really believe that they can carry on blaming customers? MORE THAN  ONE THIRD of ALL IX Web Hosting sites are infected!!… More than 120.000 sites infected !!

For going on 10 months now ix web hosting’s servers have been under attack, both the older php4 and the new php5 are full of security issues, and have been seeded and are constantly injected with various scripts and / or the .htaccess file gets renamed and customer sites are re-directed.

MORE than 120.000 IX hosted sites are injected / .htaccess hacked on a weekly basis, an excellent oppertunity for the scum IX to make a quick buck!!

IX Web Hosting will clear up the mess that is caused by their extreme Incompetence and INSECURE SERVERS for just $80 AN HOUR!!

A few days ago I was contacted by an IX customer that hosted 5 html sites ( not a single script)  all 5 websites were injected with the Yahoo Counter Script, this was the 3rd time in one month that this had happened, each time she just  re-uploaded all her sites, but still her sites got injected. The 4th time she approached IX to help her get her sites back in order. IX charged her $160 ( 2 hours) to get her sites back to normal. 6 DAYS later all her sites were injected, but luckily the bastards at IX were willing to help her again for another $80 an hour.