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EVERYONE  knows that IX web hosting pays for high listings and “Praise Reviews’ [ read article HERE  ] and their ” Affiliate Army ” is told to SPAM boards trying to lure people to use IX Web Hosting. Do not be fooled by the low prices and  Unlimited Everything, Do NOT become a statistic, because like 1000’s before you, you WILL regret it.

Just see for yourself what REAL Customers that have NOT been paid to post positive comments about IX have to say:


AND Another one

You will start noticing “Positive” reviews being posted by the Paid Affiliate Army.. but they always stand out as being Fake.


First of all, lets break this down for the wise folks at ix web hosting that follow these rantings..

100% ….. 30 day(s) …. Money Back ….. Guarantee 

Sounds good, but is this really true??.. or are the small letters hidden in some dark corner.. Well we found someone that gave it a try, and here is the story…..

PACKAGE :  Business package incl. 2 FREE domain names

PRICE PAID: With their end-of-year special, I even got a special price ($17.27 for three months, with a year agreement)  and paid $95.40 via credit card for a year’s worth of service.

CANCELLED : on day 30 ( the last day)

( needed for 100% refund) REASON OF CANCELLATION :  I was blindly suckered in by your outrageous claims regarding the quality of your service. In the last two weeks I have experienced no less than *THREE* outages due to database issues. I’m going back — no, *RUNNING* back — to a former provider. They  provide better service, and at a better price to boot. Please terminate this account immediately. Monetarily, rape me for whatever your contract allows — I don’t care. At this point, I’d just about pay you to be done with you. Good riddance. [name witheld]

So, they refunded you the full $95.40??


As mentioned above, IX Web Hosting’s package came with two “FREE” domains, which I promptly registered. They were stupid domain names that I’ll probably never use, but hey, they were “FREE”, right? Uh, no. Of the $95.40 I paid to IX Web Hosting, they credited me :

  • $57.45 “for unused but prepaid period of Business Plus”
  • charged me $18.21 for the first domain
  • charged me $18.21 for the second domain
  • refunded me a grand total of $21.03

WHAT!!!!  $21.03!! … but that is just 22% of $95.40

Now that is what we call DECEIVING YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!



One of IX Web Hosting’s  EXTREMELY OVERLOADED Server crashed a few days ago, leaving thousands of customers sites offline for …… more than 35 HOURS!!… Not minutes, HOURS!!.

When we contacted Support, we were told ( lied to) that the server was down for maintenance, and to be patient (hahaha) things would be up and running within an hour!!.. after the SEVENTH phonecall (28 hours later) we were finally told that the server was fried  and backups needed to be transfered to the new server..

AGAIN another example of how IX Web Hosting LIES to their customers as for long as they can get away with it.. When they have been rumbled, and have their backs to the wall, only then do they admit to the truth!!

This is going to be pretty tricky for IX Web Hosting  to keep to their 99.99% uptime guarantee


:: EDIT May 25th ::

We just recieved information from an insider at IX Web Hosting, that for months they had KNOWN issues with the server that fried… but the issues were ignored.

Just goes to show how much they care..

For going on 10 months now ix web hosting’s servers have been under attack, both the older php4 and the new php5 are full of security issues, and have been seeded and are constantly injected with various scripts and / or the .htaccess file gets renamed and customer sites are re-directed.

MORE than 120.000 IX hosted sites are injected / .htaccess hacked on a weekly basis, an excellent oppertunity for the scum IX to make a quick buck!!

IX Web Hosting will clear up the mess that is caused by their extreme Incompetence and INSECURE SERVERS for just $80 AN HOUR!!

A few days ago I was contacted by an IX customer that hosted 5 html sites ( not a single script)  all 5 websites were injected with the Yahoo Counter Script, this was the 3rd time in one month that this had happened, each time she just  re-uploaded all her sites, but still her sites got injected. The 4th time she approached IX to help her get her sites back in order. IX charged her $160 ( 2 hours) to get her sites back to normal. 6 DAYS later all her sites were injected, but luckily the bastards at IX were willing to help her again for another $80 an hour.


As I wrote yesterday, MORE THAN ONE THIRD OF ALL IX Web Hosting’s hosted sites are INFECTED.
And to make things worse, the problem is spreading.
Up until Jan. 3rd 2009 it was only the older servers still running Php4 that were being affected, but now even the NEW server blocks, running Php5 are being injected.
IX Customers with sites on the server block with mysql address that runs php5. are being injected.

This is bad enough, and the fact that after 9 MONTHS!!! IX Web Hosting has still NOT GOT A CLUE how this is being done is a complete DISGRACE!!
And to add salt to the wounds, IX is not just being attacked with one form of iFrame injection, NO, IX is being attacked THREE different ways.
1) The notorious ” YAHOO COUNTER” is being injected into the FOOTER of every file.
2) The .htacces File that is overwriting and / or adding an . htaccess file into the root of every site and re-directing sites
3) As of Jan. 3rd 2009, a SECOND but modified version of the ” YAHOO COUNTER ” iFrame injection is now being injected into BOTH the Header, AND / OR Body of every file.

Today an IX Web Hosting customer sent me a link to their site, that was injected with THREE Yahoo Counters, Header, Body and Footer.
The owner of the site told me that the site would take ages to load, and would often even timeout, and Google had dropped the site completely from the Search Engine, penalized because of the “Malware Script”

Here is a quote from IX Support’s Alex Karamushko :

We have currently problem with Yahoo counter hack, but our system administrators and security analysts working hard for finding exact reason of that problem and we can assure you that this will be fixed shortly.

After 9 months, I ask myself what ” shortly” actually means?!.. Another week?, month?, or maybe 3 months?.. because I was told by “AGENT IX” that at the rate things are going now, by May 2009 EVERY website hosted at IX will be infected by these injections.

A lot of the information I post here, I get from a person that works for IX Web Hosting and / or Ecommerce, as you all understand I cannot give any details that could compromise  his / her position. I will call this person “AGENT IX”

Today I recieved an Email from “AGENT IX”  that states that more than 100,000 IX Web Hosting Sites are infected.

The Details are, that IX Web Hosting is hosting 285,223 websites ( source 

More than 100,000 sites are infected, which means that more than  1/3   of all IX Web Hosting sites are infected!!
and IX has still not got a clue how to stop these attacks.

Also the injected script(s) are changing ( see previous posts) which most likely means that this  vulnerability is now being exploited by various people / groups, and this also means that this problem is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, this problem has now been effecting sites since last year May ( 2008 ) almost 9 MONTHS LATER  the problem is worse than it has ever been, and there is no bright light at the end of the tunnel yet.

XXI. Data Integrity

The subscriber is responsible for keeping a complete and current copy of their website files as a backup on a remote system (not solely on IX Web Hosting servers).

IX Web Hosting is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost files, information or data.

IX Web Hosting makes regular internal backups of internal system configurations and databases. These backups are NOT intended for keeping backups of subscriber websites.

Although IX Web Hosting backups may include subscriber sites and information for disaster recovery purposes, these backups are not to be relied on by the subscriber. IX Web Hosting does not guarantee to possess the most current copy of a subscriber’s website in its own backups.

Best regards,
Technical Agent, CR
CR Department
Alex Golovko 


My response

Yes Alex, we  ALL know that IX Web Hosting is not responsible for anything!!.. Paying customers are responsible for EVERYTHING … You clearly promise daily backups , and on the other hand you clearly state that it is the customers responsability

May I ask what the Backups are intended for, if they are ( and I quote)  NOT intended for keeping backups of subscriber websites

And while I’m quoting, here is another one:

IX Web Hosting does not guarentee to posses the most current copy of a subscribers website in it’s own backups

Maybe this is true, but they do quarentee, or should I say promise, (and another quote)

 10. What kind of backup policies do you have in place?
We perform daily on-site backup via our own custom-made backup solution.

Can be seen:

And in my books, a “Day Old” backup is pretty recent, but with the insecure and vunerable servers at IX, a Day Old Backup is as useful as a splinter in the eye.

And my last quote on this subject:  IX Web Hosting is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost files, information or data.

18 months ago, IX webhosting lost my whole site, incl. database.. How they actually did it, I do not know, they compensated me with a FREE WEEK of hosting!!!.. haha, thats like pulling out my last tooth!!

I had backups of the site, but just like said the lame pathetic IX is NEVER RESPOSIBLE!!.. It’s always the paying Customer!!