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This week has been a complete disaster for 1000’s of IX Web Hosting’s  customers.


A new wave of the .htaccess injection is affecting 1000’s of sites, but things just get worse and worse, Google is flagging sites hosted by IX Web Hosting because of the sites being redirected to infected sites.
Some customers sites are even getting “Splashed” by Google with “‘Reported Attack Site’ ” can you imagine spending YEARS building up a reputation and then having your site and your reputation  Destroyed because of a hosting company that after 10 MONTHS!! still cannot and has not fixed this security issue…

10 MONTHS!!!  IX WEB HOSTING… You should be ASHAMED!!

Here is an example of someone who has spent YEARS working hard to build a (basic) website and a reputation, and all was lost…

This is the third time I’ve requested review and had it result in a continuation of the ban. I’m a simple artist trying to make a living while going to school. My reputation is being destroyed by this, as well as my art. I’m not a programmer but I know my html that I wrote for my site, and it’s ridiculously simple. All the 3 pages, even though it was said there where 5 pages, that were listed in webmaster tools were the same exact html files I wrote. These were:
http://www.****     { Links killed by neverix}

I’ve downloaded and looked at the code of each of these, finding nothing wrong with them.
I also have called my Host, IXwebhosting, who crawled through my site and looked at my files. They said they couldn’t find anything either and that there seemed to be nothing wrong. They also said the ‘Reported Attack Site’ html page google slapped on top of my index wasn’t showing up for them. I had posted once on this forum before with the question: ‘WHERE is the malicious code showing up,’ and I was told how to submit a review. Google is ruining my reputation, my site, my client base, and wasting my precious time. I don’t know what to do anymore, because nothing I have done seems to have worked. I re-uploaded my site, changed permissions to 444, removed any kind of php and unnecessary files, changed my two user passwords to more secure ones, and everything else I’ve mentioned in the above text. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve spent years establishing that site and it’s reputation…years now wasted and ruined.  Please someone help me.

I hereby invite IX WEB HOSTING to send me their side of the story about this issue, I will post it on this blog for everyone to read…  It’s only fair to hear both sides of the story.

And NO, this is not just a “One Off”  see 1000’s more :



From a Unhappy  IX  customer

I was beginning to think I was crazy. My site would get hacked and I would change the password. This would keep happening over and over. Yet every time I would call in they would say it was my fault. Well today I discovered that once again my site had been hacked as well as all the other domains in my userid for them.  While going through one of my sub domains I found a hackers control panel which I downloaded and took a screen shot. I even looked around in it. I realized quite quickly that I had server root access and I could see other peoples files like I was on a regular computer. This control panel seems to have it all. Anyway here is a screen shot for all you who wonder what is going on:

I have marked my info out to spare me as well as the folder I was browsing. But this control panel seems to have any exploits you want on it with very little effort.  It even has a handy self kill button which I used. Of course I am sure they will be back and hack right back in. Meanwhile I have to look into another host.




First of all, lets break this down for the wise folks at ix web hosting that follow these rantings..

100% ….. 30 day(s) …. Money Back ….. Guarantee 

Sounds good, but is this really true??.. or are the small letters hidden in some dark corner.. Well we found someone that gave it a try, and here is the story…..

PACKAGE :  Business package incl. 2 FREE domain names

PRICE PAID: With their end-of-year special, I even got a special price ($17.27 for three months, with a year agreement)  and paid $95.40 via credit card for a year’s worth of service.

CANCELLED : on day 30 ( the last day)

( needed for 100% refund) REASON OF CANCELLATION :  I was blindly suckered in by your outrageous claims regarding the quality of your service. In the last two weeks I have experienced no less than *THREE* outages due to database issues. I’m going back — no, *RUNNING* back — to a former provider. They  provide better service, and at a better price to boot. Please terminate this account immediately. Monetarily, rape me for whatever your contract allows — I don’t care. At this point, I’d just about pay you to be done with you. Good riddance. [name witheld]

So, they refunded you the full $95.40??


As mentioned above, IX Web Hosting’s package came with two “FREE” domains, which I promptly registered. They were stupid domain names that I’ll probably never use, but hey, they were “FREE”, right? Uh, no. Of the $95.40 I paid to IX Web Hosting, they credited me :

  • $57.45 “for unused but prepaid period of Business Plus”
  • charged me $18.21 for the first domain
  • charged me $18.21 for the second domain
  • refunded me a grand total of $21.03

WHAT!!!!  $21.03!! … but that is just 22% of $95.40

Now that is what we call DECEIVING YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!



Now we ALL know how rude, stuckup, obnoxious and un-caring the majority ( not all, some deserve respect) of IX Web Hosting’s Support are, so the following REAL LIFE examples will not come as a surprise to most of you.

These 2 examples were reported to IX Web Hosting in Jan. 2008, 3 months BEFORE the May disaster that led to 10’s of servers being seeded, and up to 200,000 sites infected… Now let me be clear, that these examples are probably not related to what happened, but the OBNOXIOUS mentality of IX Web Hosting definitely has!!…

Please note, that these issues have now been fixed ( otherwise I would not post them here) 


” – Using phpshell and runing the chsh program on server side
the users are able to change their default shell from /bin/nologin to any other shell and get

access to the IX servers by ssh
I hope my effort to inform you about the flaw will you not understand as a malicious activity. ”



” – Although pointing out that minor security flaw wasn’t viewed as malicious activity, please understand that any other attempts to hack into our system will be viewed as such, and it will be treated according to our policies.


?? !! What not even a Thank You!!??… Nope.. wayyyyy to obnoxious for a Thank You!!


The default installation of IX’s “click and install” E-commerce software allows read and write rights to users directory to anyone on the internet. You probably  have lot of affected users..

( No state of the art hacking needed. There is a nice php admin interface without password. OK, I know what is in your mind: You will notice at the first login that nobody asked your admin password. The trap is that the admin interface is linked only in to the cPanel and when you access it you have the feeling that the password authentication is missing because the authentication is derived from your cPanel access (as in many other applications and settings in cPanel). After all, a hacker can easily upload a malicious php file and execute some nice exec() calls affecting the rest of your domains hosted by IX webhosting.)

IX’s Response : ( you’re gonna luv this one!!)

“If you don’t like it, don’t use our Easy Install products.”

Ooooohhh Yes, it is good to be appreciated!!

Credits to ZolTan for the info



One of IX Web Hosting’s  EXTREMELY OVERLOADED Server crashed a few days ago, leaving thousands of customers sites offline for …… more than 35 HOURS!!… Not minutes, HOURS!!.

When we contacted Support, we were told ( lied to) that the server was down for maintenance, and to be patient (hahaha) things would be up and running within an hour!!.. after the SEVENTH phonecall (28 hours later) we were finally told that the server was fried  and backups needed to be transfered to the new server..

AGAIN another example of how IX Web Hosting LIES to their customers as for long as they can get away with it.. When they have been rumbled, and have their backs to the wall, only then do they admit to the truth!!

This is going to be pretty tricky for IX Web Hosting  to keep to their 99.99% uptime guarantee


:: EDIT May 25th ::

We just recieved information from an insider at IX Web Hosting, that for months they had KNOWN issues with the server that fried… but the issues were ignored.

Just goes to show how much they care..

So many people being banned by Google, and cannot find the source of the Injection..

 I have previously posted on this blog WHY you cannot find the code.. Because  the code is NOT on your page. The code is, and can be anywhere on the server ( I have posted 3 links to the code that was hidden as a .jpg)  The code added to your site is actually an Iframe, so what you should be looking for is a small snippet of code that calls the script. ( check your Config, Header, Footer, Index.php etc.. ALL pages that get called on every page

Yesterday someone contacted me with this issue, and that person was also banned by Google, and had spent weeks trying to solve this problem.. They  finally found the code in the CONFIG File . ( thanks to this blog)
The site is now clean, but it will only be a matter of days before it is injected AGAIN!!

Here is the post I posted in December last year:

Hundreds of  IX customers, are contacting me to ask about the Injected script ( posted in a previous post) they are asking me HOW to remove it, because they cannot find it…

The Reason they cannot find it??

Because of a MASSIVE SECURITY ISSUE on IX WEB HOSTING’s SERVERS!!.. the script is NOT actually put onto any of your pages, the script is actually hidded somewhere on the server..

So far I have found 5 “seeds” .. These are the codes that are appearing  in  over 100,000 sites

( These have now been removed by ix web hosting but as you can see, the actual file is well hidden and disguised as an image. REMEMBER, this is where the files were stored that YOU can see on YOUR pages )

Remember to view the “source code” in the above links.

Very interesting is the second “seed” that is actually in an IX standard “modlogan” folder, that is standard a chmod 700 .

Secondly it should not be possible on any shared server to inject this script onto EVERY file on that server. The fact that this is happening means that IX web Hosting has not got a clue how to protect their servers, and customer web sites. 

So as you can see, this script IS  NOT actually put into your script, that is why you cannot find it.. HOWEVER, somewhere on your site, there is a bit of code  ”Calling” this script, and that appears in your pages.
Check  ALL the pages that get called for every page, ie. header, footer, index, config, sidebar etc. 

So far I have evidence and proven that the following IX servers running the following Database’s  are seeded:


If you know of any others that are seeded, please let me know.

Hope this helps

:: Some people have contacted me to tell me that the Injected Script is ( also ) injected into the database, and in some cases a new table is created.
I have checked 9 databases of infected sites, and I have not yet come across the script in my Database’s, so I think that this might be “script” related, maybe that some scripts such as PhpBB2 allows for this to happen, so I recommend searching your Database for the script as well ::


This issue has now been going on for more than 10 months…. 1 year this May.. Will IX Web Hosting be celebrating  this milestone?

Yellow, 28th 2009f February, 2009
Glad I found this site, was minutes away from purchasing a buisness account. I will now look elsewhere.
Julie, 27th 2009f February, 2009
I think that the likes of Yahoo, Hotmail, Live Mail and Gmail are blocking Emails being sent from web sites hosted by ix web hosting. I had to create a Yahoo email account to snd emails to all the above, because if I send emails from my website email address, no one using a server based email provider such as the one mentioned above, never get the emails I send.. Very unprofessional, I have contacted ix 5 times now, but they just give me a boiler plate answer, there is nothing wrong.
mark, 26th 2009f February, 2009
Hello, What I suggest is that everyone who is having problems with your server, click on their google ads… show them what it feels like when tons of people click on your ads and the server is down. has really bad problems with their servers. My company already moved off of because of the constant server problems we have experienced.
Mike, 26th 2009f February, 2009 servers are really poorly run and are often down and on error. We made a mistake trusting Our servers has been down almost 6 times per hour, each outage lasting about 2 minutes.
tommy, 25th 2009f February, 2009
I would like to start a web hosting company and take all your money and then shut down all the servers!!!!! mu ahahahahahahaha, 24th 2009f February, 2009
Hello, we continue to receive complaints about Should we get enough support, we can launch a class action law suit against ixwebhosting for advertising what is not true of their uptime. You can contact us at, 24th 2009f February, 2009
Hello, I cannot believe how terrible the servers are at It goes down everyday at least 5-10 times. Probably more than that but we catch about 5-10 times a day the outtages. We moved most all our important sites off the server and However, some of our sites are still hosted on this server. You can check it to to see the performance. Our site is and you can test it using You will see that every so often the server will go on error. It’s really frustrating and Ixwebhosting always blames it on other shared hosting sites which is not the solution we want to hear. I have no idea why ixwebhosting is rated high on this website but probably because they pay or promote this ranking. Really frustrating!
Harry, 24th 2009f February, 2009
Recieved an email today from a client saying that if you use the search option it shows an error, spent ages trying to find what the problem was, I then compared the Database Tables with the original, and TWO tables were missing, this site has not been updated for well over 5 months, and it was working fine at least up until 2 weeks ago.
ix wehosting denies they had anything to do with the sudden deletion of the tables.
Ian, 22nd 2009f February, 2009
3 days.. and the server is down…
Brice, 20th 2009f February, 2009
I have 3 websites hosted on ixwebhosting and I have had nothing but problems. They upgrade things and break you and do nothing to fix it. Their support is a joke, sometimes taking days to get problems resolved. I am actively looking for another provider. IXWebhosting is awful.
David, 19th 2009f February, 2009
A note about the .htaccess injection. When it happened (Early December of last year), ixwebhosting sent this email to clients:”This is a self replicating virus which is found by visiting well-known search engines. When you click on any link it may redirect you to a fake Anti-Virus 2009 website which appears to scan your system and then asks you to download the software. Once downloaded and installed it begins displaying pop ups on your desktop. At this time it collects your FTP user name and password from your own computer and uses that information to upload an exploited file named “.htaccess” to your website. Any visitors to your website will then be redirected to the fake anti-virus website.”This is not true. It’s an insult to say that I (an experienced internet user) actually downloaded the fake anti-virus program. Access to our FTP accounts was not obtained from our (the clients’) own computers, it was a security flaw on the server end. Just today ixwebhosting sent an e-mail saying that they changed everyone’s ftp passwords, obviously to cover for some more security flaws on their end.
Walter, 17th 2009f February, 2009
Very slow. vulnerable, crappy webhosting with 10-15 seconds page generation time.
David, 17th 2009f February, 2009
I have been with ixwebhosting for about a year and a half. I have had no problems except for the one time when my site (and possibly all the other ixwebhosting sites) were hacked. The .htaccess file was replaced with this:RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*oogle.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*aol.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*msn.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*altavista.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*ask.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*ahoo.*$ [NC]
RewriteRule .* [R,L]It didn’t hurt me because my website is private and not indexed by search engines anyway, but this is very bad. I will not be staying with ixwebhosting for the long-term. I have had no problems with tech-support though, I’ve used the live chat two or three times (with trivial issues mind you) and have not had to wait more than 10 minutes.
Chris from BBTA, 16th 2009f February, 2009
I see IXwebhosting’s response below… do not contact us it wastes our time… WOW. What a statement. So your customers inquiring about the status of their server that is down and they are most likely losing money and customers is a waste of your time. The is just plain out crap. If you dont care about your customer’s, customer’s then you dont care about your Customer.I have been with IX for over two years, and have a multitude of websites with them. Everything was great for the first, 10 months or so. Then they moved locations, SQL servers go down, or are extremely slow to respond, dns errors, internal server errors, failure to connect to web server errors, errors errors, down, slow, error, down slow. Catch my drift.I am in the market for a new host as I have finally grown tired of daily support tickets, phone calls and chats. Someone point me in a good direction and not godaddy i dont like them either. I am looking at dreamhost but not sure yet.
Laura T, 15th 2009f February, 2009
Support is so frustrating, and useless, 3 days I used the chat support to ask why my pages were suddenly getting a syntac error, I had not made any changes for months, I was told to submit a ticket, so I submitted a ticket 2 days ago, FINALLY today after 2 days I get a response telling me they had recieved my ticket and that it was forwarded to the correct department !!!!??? WHAT!!??
This is the final straw, after reading all the below complaints, and also all the stuff on
I am moving my sites away from ixwebhosting
Rob Stallard, 15th 2009f February, 2009
The actual service is adequate. However, they fail to deliver on technical support. On two occasions I have waited 2 days for just an initial response. They are unhelpful on chat – they just say the problem will be looked into soon – and don’t do so. Support is a network of Russians as far as I can tell. Unapologetic and unhelpful and very frustrating as there is no way a crucial techincal issue will get looked into in a timely fashion.
Chris, 13th 2009f February, 2009
My SQL servers are down yet again. If you talk to the online chat they will tell you nothing is wrong. IF you submit a ticket they give you a BS response. However I just called them and was honestly told (Spoke to a real tech support person not “Jeff” in freaking Pakistan) that they had a hardware failure last night and they dont know when it will be back up. And that 501 has had some issues here lately but with the replacement of the hardware this should be fixed. We will see where this leads. I dont want to change host because it is a HUGE PITA. But if I have to I will.
Ex IX customer, 12th 2009f February, 2009
Could somebody please hack the .htaccess file on Please set it to divert everyone to a decent hosting company!Funny how their own site never gets hacked! Please, please, please… Somebody please hack their site to see how they like it.
Wallace, 12th 2009f February, 2009
All site is down now for ixwebhosting.You try go their website which down now.My website is down also.After see all your comment,i am worry now.Don’t know when will be up again.
Shira, 12th 2009f February, 2009
We’ve spent the last week uploading and creating database on our new IXWebhosting account. BIG MISTAKE. All of the database sites give random server connection errors more often than not and the server service in general is extremely unreliable. The online “Tech support” chat is a complete joke. Not once have they been able to resolve the problems we’ve communicated, and we have to chat them about 5 times a day. We’re closing our account today before serious damage is done.
Pete, 11th 2009f February, 2009
AVOID like the plague!!!
Every one of their web servers have been hacked in the last few months. If you have any sites with them, it’s just a matter of time before your code is injected with viruses and phishing pages or completely diverted to a scam web site.
If you have an account with them, do what I did… Get the hell out now before all of your sites are blacklisted.
Try They cost a bit more but you get what you pay for.
Chris, 10th 2009f February, 2009
From all the research I have done over the past months, i have never seen so many angry people and complaints as the ones complaining about ixwebhosting
IX is a lost case.. AVOID
FUCK YOU IX, 10th 2009f February, 2009
I’m so sick of the feeble excuses ix web hosting come up with.
I the past week I have called them at least 3 times everyday because so far my sites have been down on average 3 hours a day. Everytime I get to hear how sorry they are, and that the issue will be fixed within 20 minutes!!
It really is time to get a class case together and sue IX for compensation.
Erik, 09th 2009f February, 2009
All 12+ of my domains were down much of Feb. 7, 2009, and since at least the afternoon of Feb. 8, 2009, they’ve been down again, and all of my sites’ files are totally gone. They’re “still working” as of this morning, Feb. 9, 2009, but they cannot say much more. Time to move on.
Milano, 09th 2009f February, 2009
Today I got a call from a friend telling me my sites contained a virus, I googled my site, and when I clicked on it my Anti Virus blocked it with a warning, I then checked all my other sites and they all contain the same script. I called ix, had to wait 25 minutes, probably a lot of customers with the same problem.. I was told very bluntly that it was a well known issue with WordPress, I have been using wordpress now for 4 years, and always use the latest stable version, I contacted WordPress, and they assure me that there are no known issues with WordPress. I then called ix again, and this time they blamed my computer, saying it is infected, and that I uploaded the virus.
IX is an absolute nightmare, and I am moving all my sites away from them, and I will file a complaint with the BBB
Herman, 08th 2009f February, 2009
Last week I had a phone call from a customer why I had not sent them an Email, I reassured them that I had, and that I would resend it 2 days later completely pissed off because they still never got the Email. So I sent an Email to one of my own Email accounts.. I never got it, so I tried sending it to another 5 Email accounts.. out of those 5 emails I got just ONE, but it took TWO days to reach me. I contacted support on the chat, and he told me there was a backlog of mail because of a “Spam Filter” , he told me to create a Ticket which I did, I sent a ticket on Friday morning, and Today ( Monday) I still have not had a response.
So to break it down, ( this is what I know for certain) I have sent 8 emails, and only recieved ONE 2 days after I sent it!
This is absolutely absurd, now I do not know how many people I have sent Emails to that never got them.
Do yourself a big favour and stay away from ix web hosting, they just have not got a clue, or they just don’t care, or both., 07th 2009f February, 2009
Anyone interested to sue due to their bad servers and not providing what they promise, please contact us at have tried many hosting companies and ixwebhosting is amongst the worst. Their server will go down frequently. We received so many complaints from our own customers that the website is not working. We get this just about everyday. And two days ago servers were down for 4 hours. Yesterday it was down 3 hours. Today it is down now for over 2 hours and we are still waiting for the servers to work. We are hosted on NS13, NS14. This has got to be the most frustrating experience in our 9 years in ecommerce. We made the fatal error trusting to host our site with The first two months were okay but then after it went downhill. I think maybe they work really hard during the trial period so you cannot refund the month. I’m stuck now with a long period of webhosting plan. They won’t refund either and they will not provide you a good working server.
Matt, 07th 2009f February, 2009
Hello, THE SERVER IS DOWN AGAIN. Two days ago it was down for 4 hours then yesterday 3 hours.. now today it has been down for over 2 hours. I need a working server. ixwebhosting has the worst servers possible. So much downtime. They wont refund you either.
Help!, 05th 2009f February, 2009
Hello, can someone tell me what to do? server has been down again and again. This is at least the 10th time in the last 12 hours. What is happening? This is our 5th complaint with them but they are not fixing it. It will maybe work for 1 hour then go back on error.
Richard, 05th 2009f February, 2009
Oh my GOD! The server is down again.. I’m going to move my websites ASAP.. ixwebhosting really sucks… we have to complain every day. I’m sure they have so many compplaints. Their servers are maybe just poorly managed. But it’s bad.
Richard, 05th 2009f February, 2009
Hello, I just checked the server. It is now working but after 4 hours of downtime. This is really unprofessional hosting. It’s cheap but you really get worse than what you pay for. is cheap and bad. I would rename it
John – HELP SERVER DOWN, 05th 2009f February, 2009
Hello I cannot believe how many times the server is down.. It has been down for over 1 hour and now they are telling us another hour. This server really sucks.. here’s the chat logs.Lesya Geychenko: Sorry, we really experience some problems on our server, but I want to ensure you that this is temporary and we will fix them as soon as possibleyou: pls .. it has been down for 1 hour

you: every day down

Lesya Geychenko: I am so sorry, our admins are working on the issue

Lesya Geychenko: Sorry, we do not have any ETA yet, the issue will be fixed as soon as possible

you: we have to contact ixwebhosting just about everyday about the servers being down.. this is not the service we have paid for

Lesya Geychenko: I understand your concerns about this, you can create a ticket and provide statistics on the server side issue and ask for permanent solution

you: we have already

you: what’s going on?

you: over 1 hour

you: hello, any updates so far?

Lesya Geychenko: Yes, our admins are working on the issue, they will send a notification to me when they finish

you: please

Lesya Geychenko: The issue should be fixed within 15 minutes

you: ok

Lesya Geychenko: I am extremely sorry to tell you, I just got the news from our admins

you: ok

Lesya Geychenko: They maintain the server longer than I have expected

Lesya Geychenko: The server will be up in 60 minutes

you: ixwebhosting is really unreliable….., 05th 2009f February, 2009
Hello we understand our server is down for about 1 hour. We will fix it as soon as possible. Please do not bother us with your enquiries because it wastes our time. We are trying our best. If you don’t like it, please do not contact us or join our excellent web hosting server. You can see on this website we are rated very high. We are not interested in people just complaining and bothering us about our servers. We know it is currently experiencing problems but we will fix it!
Heidi, 03rd 2009f February, 2009
Just got off the phone with ix, for the past 2 weeks every evening at 6 o clock my sites stop loading, and I cannot retrieve my Emails. It is so frustrating that the support just say that everything is working fine. I’ll be looking to move my sites.
Matt, 02nd 2009f February, 2009
The server is currently down. IT is down about every 5-10 minutes for 30 seconds – 2minutes. Right now it has been down for over 10 minutes. We need to get to our database and info but we can’t. This is just bad for us. really cannot get it right. We have contacted them over 100 times in the past month but they keep saying they fixed the problem. I don’t see how ixwebshosting rating is high on the right menu on this website. It means they probably get some cut when referring clients.