Advertising and Root@IX

Posted: March 10, 2009 in IX Web Hosting

Recently I have been contacted by people / companies wanting to advertise on this blog because of the high PR, in 3 cases I was offered a very generous sum. However, it is not, and has never been my intention to make money from this blog, and I will never use advertising on this blog  

This blog is intended as a warning, and hopefully help / prevent  innocent   customers from having to go through what I myself  and 100s of 1000s others went through and are still going through with ix web hosting.
As you can see, there is no advertising on this site at all, and I will never recommend another hosting company on this site.

Also, I would like to thank Root@ix,   (s)he has been extremely helpful and willing to help and listen to people posting on this blog with issues, and I have personally sent a few people who contact me by email with issues to him directly, and each time he has helped these people.
I must  say that it is big shame that the people I sent to him, had already been through the normal IX Support procedure, and got nowhere!!..
I do not post peoples details /  Email @ , but you can find Root’s details on this blog somewhere in the comments, and I do recommend contacting him directly with issues that cannot be solved through the normal IX support.
I’m sure he / she will do his / her best to help you.. I just wish everyone at ix web hosting was as helpful and open as Root@ix  is.

Thank you Root@ix

  1. root@ix says:


    First, I want to clarify that although I am the only one from IX that comments on this blog, the problems that I collect from here are solved by all our system administration department. So I don’t want to take all the credit for this. Most of the security changes that happened in the past 3 months are a collective work of 18 sysadmins.

    You don’t see much communication from us, because we’re not the ones that talk to the customers on the phone, nor chats, and we rarely have time to respond to customers via tickets (this part will change though). Our front-line CR department is in charge of this, and although they are not at their best right now, they are also improving (slowly but surely). I expect over the next months to see a new face of IX, more open and communicative.

  2. concernedffiliate says:

    The problem with your frontline is that they don’t speak good English.

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