IX Web Hosting Reviews July 2008

Posted: December 11, 2008 in IX Web Hosting
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Patrick, 28th 2008f July, 2008
ixwebhosting.com is basically bottom of the barrel hosting. I can’t imagine anything worse. Their server went down again Saturday and now my entire wiki website no longer works because of a corrupted database. Do not use this host because you WILL have problems. Lots of them.
Pascal, 28th 2008f July, 2008
I have to admit, IXwebhosting is not that good. My site has been down 4 times in the past year. sometimes it takes 12-24 hours to get things back up and running. The email servers have been slow lately. Right now, my FTP service does not work; I can’t login either. I’ve started looking for another host because reliability is my main concern.
Alex Ho, 28th 2008f July, 2008
Ok, GUYS, I’m so pissed with this ixwebhosting sh*t. 2 weeks ago their MySQL server was down and they didn’t save a back up for me even they could be able to back up some other databases which made me so pissed coz I have a forum of 12,000 members for 5 years. (Fortunately I got my own back up, but it’s 6 months old!) Yes, I called them, chatted live, emailed, ticketed, all sh*t, but all I got was “we are wrking on it”. Funny, huh?

They have cheap plans, I agree, the reason I chose them cause they had cheap plans, and I tested their website speed with a tool, and their site speed was light speed. However, after using their hosting for 2 years, now their hosting service turned out too bad now. My sites have been on and off, regardless the daytime or nighttime. Just imagine you staying home on Saturday night and Sunday night coding your site instead of going out watch movies with your cute girlfriend, and suddenly the site&host&ftp… everything shut down at 1am when you are so stuck with the code, that’s b*** sh*t huh?


I’m on my way finding another hosting, hix

Anyway, read over this comment box to see how BAD this hosting service is! I saw about 95% NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!

cashzzz@hotmail.com, 27th 2008f July, 2008
The server is down right now receiving the following error: HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error. The reply from the tech support said they cannot help and we need to send a ticket to the center. All sites are down. It’s time to move servers.
kads, 22nd 2008f July, 2008
i am moving webhost. my site is down at the moment, their support doesnt even speak english, my emails dont work. their site doesn’t work. + when my site does load, it loads at 2 miles per century. im moving to 5quidhost.co.uk which has awesome reviews.
cashzzz@hotmail.com, 20th 2008f July, 2008
I think we have to throw in the towel soon. We have given ixwebhosting a serious try and in the past 2 months, the web server has been down more than 8-10 times. The email server also had problems as well and does not send out emails. We have also contacted the tech support online, which is good they have this feature, but they never know how to fix the problem. They will ask you to send an email. But they wont fix it until hours up to 5 days. We are looking for better hosting and would like your suggestions. Ixwebhosting is not good enough at this point. Server has too many problems and downtime is serious.
elawcase@gmail.com, 20th 2008f July, 2008
Ixwebhosting.com server ns13, and ns14 is currently down. We have contacted ixwebhosting support and they do not how to fix the problem. The server has been down for 3 days intermittently. The server is down now.
Steve, 19th 2008f July, 2008
The uptime is brilliant. My site has only been down twice for about 5 minutes. But I do not recommend this host. The MySQL server I am on has a lot of problems. Some guy I know keylogged me and got into my forums and deleted everything. The backups I uploaded wouldn’t work, so I made a support ticket. It took them TWO WEEKS to reply. They said they had a backup from the day before it was hacked. I asked them to restore it. A week later they replied again and said they didn’t have the backup. So, I had to completely start my forum over again. Next month I will be moving host, and I asked them to email me a backup of my website. I have been waiting 3 days so far and still no reply from them.

THE SUPPORT SUCKS. Do not host with these guys. It is a waste of money and a waste of time. Plus they have really bad servers.

abimbola, 15th 2008f July, 2008
In the name of almighty God, do not host with ixwebhosting!You will have the greatest regrets in your life. All the websites I have been developing for years disappeared and ixwebhosting said that was due to massive hard storage failure and that the data are irrecoverable.Please,Please,Please do not host with this company as it is not a company but a form of internet dupe!
good by_ix, 12th 2008f July, 2008
ix webhosting service
# Stop service ticketing technical support.
# Stop service database.
# Problems are endless.
# Company on the precipice, waiting to fall down.
# I advise you: Make your files and transferred into the computer.
kads, 09th 2008f July, 2008
have opened a ticket for 2 days on ix, and it hasnt been responded to. live chat is also unhelpful. my emails are down and i can’t access them. this is the first problem i’ve had.
cashzzz, 03rd 2008f July, 2008
Okay, it has been now 4-5 days that the email server does not work with ixwebhosting. They keep saying please wait 24 hours and the issue will be resolved. But so far their email webserver is not working or sending emails out. I think I may need to throw in the towel soon. Ixwebhosting does not know how to run their web servers or maintain it. If they do not fix the email server 2 more days, I have to urgently move my server.. anyone with good suggestions of a company who is reliable, know how to maintain the server, doesn’t overload the servers, has multi domain hosting for ASP classic pages, and uses HSphere, please let me know. Thank you. cashzzz@hotmail.com
cashzzz, 02nd 2008f July, 2008
I’m quite frustrated because the email server at ixwebhosting is not working properly . Not sending out emails at all. This is the second day and the issue is not resolved yet. Really frustrating. If anyone has suggestions of other hosting that uses hsphere control panel and unlimited domain hosting, pls let me know. cashzzz@hotmail.com

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