IX Web Hosting the incompetant cheap web hosting company was hacked in May of this year, and hackers managed to “seed” the servers, which are now injecting 1000’s of  innocent paying customers websites, on a weekly basis. It has gotten so bad, and happened so frequently  that even the backups are infected.

This has been going on now for almost 8 months!!… Yes that is correct, 8 months, and IX web hosting has still not fixed this massive security issue.
The worst part of this ordeal, is the fact that IX web hosting knows, and has openly admitted to certain people ( myself being one) that they have a massive issue, they still blame the innocent customers that it is their fault.

IX Web Hosting is ran by a bunch of ignorant, stuck up, people, and the fact that while 1000’s of honest paying customers are going through sheer hell, they are still selling the hosting packages, and ripping people off.

IX web hosting should be sued, and made to pay compensation for their incompetant practices.

Just Google IX web hosting Hacked   or even worse,  /hsphere hacked   and see for yourself .

QUOTE: from Fatima Said CCO

To illustrate the severity of the issue I would like to share some facts with you:

* 26,991 of our customers have been infected with fake Anti-Virus 2009

* 79,469 websites have been spreading the Anti-Virus 2009 infection

* 120,923 malicious files have been removed from our system

Kind Regards,

Fatima Said, CCO

IX Web Hosting


  1. Jill B says:

    within 1 year ixwebhosting has gone from being a decnt osting company,to probably, the worst and most hated in the world. I have 4 simple web sites that are html. I do not have any scripts or any htaccess files, and 3 times in the past 5 weeks my sites have been redirected and a htaccess fle added to all my sites. 3 times I have scanned my computer for viruses, and 3 times i have changed my Ftp password and still ixwebhost blames me.
    If they would just appologize, and assure me they are fixing the issue, I would not feel so angry, instead they blame 350.000 customers..
    We ALL know that this is their fault.
    IX webhosting, you should be ashamed of yourselves, and I am so glad Nicole is trying to warn everyone wih this blog.

  2. Piedmont says:

    They were hacked again on January 27, 2008. Most of my sites had a Palestinian message on them.

    In addition, their problem with the antivirus2009 continues.

    All you to do is google “ixwebhosting hacked” and “ixwebhosting antivrus2009” and you’ll understand what a horrible, unethical company this is

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