George , 30th 2009f January, 2009
If you are planning to run a serious website, DO NOT use Ix web hosting, they are more trouble than they are worth. Virus, Slow, Database problems, and Email issues.  
Paolo, 23rd 2009f January, 2009
After reading the reviews about the servers / database’s slowing down at a certain time, I checked my log files, and it’s true, like clock work at 2 am every night they come to standsill intill 7.30 am then they pick up again. I posted a support ticket, after almost 24 hours I finally got a response telling me the ticket has been forwarded to support!!!!!… What is the point of that??.
I am looking into moving my sites to HostGator. 
Gary, 22nd 2009f January, 2009
I am so sick and tired of ix web hosting!
I have had nothing but problems with them. Their support is useless, rude and they lie.
For the truth visit
Marky, 22nd 2009f January, 2009
Hacked, Injected, De-Faced, Slow, Useless Support and lots more.
IX is 100% USELESS!!
jack, 21st 2009f January, 2009
The server of ixwebhosting is down now. It has been on and off and stalling for the past month.. they keeps saying it was fixed but it isn’t. It’s very upsetting. We have had to complain and make complaints every day three times…. anyone know of a better hosting for Windows?  
Melanov, 21st 2009f January, 2009
haha, i know how ixwebhosting is being attacked, I know who is behind the injecting. Over a year ago we contacted ix explaining they had problems, we had a very rude reply telling us it was lies, and the servers were secure. We added a folder with a fake website to at least 200 websites. Now ix wanted to listen, and even offered to pay per security issue.. but now it is too late.
ixwebhosting should listen when help is offered.
Gerald W, 21st 2009f January, 2009
I am in the process of moving my 12 sites from ix, I never had a problem with them for over 3 years, but as of November it has been one injection after the other. IX is not willing to help customers, instead they just want their money, and point the finger at customer once EVERY site on the servers are injected.
Don’t waste your time or money on these people.
Michael, 18th 2009f January, 2009
I completely agree with Blake, every night at midnight ALL my sites on two buisness accounts come to a screeching halt, everynight I call ix, and they appologize, and tell me they will find the cause and firewall the site, or even suspend the site(s) causing the slowdown, but this has been going on for weeks.
Also, I use “Mailwasher” that connects to my mailserver every 10 minutes, and every morning when I check mailwasher, I get an error log telling me that it could not connect to the server, with at least 20 times that it could not connect to the server.
It’s time to drop ix web hosting
Blake, 17th 2009f January, 2009
I am totally and completely disgusted with IX Webhosting. It used to be a great host and I recommended it to everyone I could. But something has changed. I believe they got sold. Since then, we have had nothing but endless trouble with this host…

Last year, they proudly moved to a new Data Center. Of course this caused us problems for several months. They kept apologizing, but the problems persisted. After a very long period, things calmed down and remained that way until November…

Without prior warning, IX moved our site to a new server in November. After 60+ hours of calling, using Live Chat, and using the ticket support system, they finally worked out most problems. I felt like I had to beg to get IX to help resolve the problems that they created. I lost an entire weekend fighting them. The IX response times average between 12-24 hours…

Then again this January, IX updated all of our cgi-bin files in our domain and all of our sub-domains recreating the problems that were caused in November’s unnecessary server move. Again, it took over 60+ hours to get our site up and running. I had to find workarounds to get our site up and running, and amazingly, IX tried to take credit for getting our site up and running again even though they had nothing to do with it…

Even though our site is up and running now, we still have many problems. After 176 hours of fighting IX for help, they have yet to correct the Cron job errors that still plague our site…

The last two days, the server has crashed in the evening requiring another call to IX to get the server restarted/reset and our site back online. This was the same pattern that plagued us after the Data Center move last year. And early every morning, the page load response times drag down to a crawl. This seems to start between midnight and 4 AM every single night. The other day, the slowness continued well into the following day. We get an apology from IX each time this happens, but they don’t seem to be doing anything to permanently correct it…

IX has tried very hard to blame these problems on our code, which worked fine before the server move in November and again up until January. IX does not want to take responsibility for their actions and it is frustrating and disgusting dealing with them. I cannot in good conscience recommend IX Webhosting to anyone until they improve the skills of their own Technical Support staff. It wouldn’t hurt if they hired a few more knowledgeable people to improve their response times too. Waiting 12-24 hours for each new response to a ticket is totally unacceptable. With IX’s lack of effort, a resolution to a problem can drag on for days and weeks. IX does the bare minimum to assist its clients and they do it as slow as they possibly can…

Dealing with IX technical support gets real old real fast. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone…
Hans, 17th 2009f January, 2009
Do not believe their “Money Back Guarantee” After 3 weeks I requested a refund, and I only got about 30% of the full sum, they even charged me $20 for a .com, $20!!!, I can get these for $4.95.
Stay Away from these idiots  
 ett, 11th 2009f January, 2009
If IX is no 3 in the Top 10 companies list, what is the service level provided by those below on the list? Must be pretty terrible, eh?!
I have experience from IX as well as other hosts. Of the ones I’ve used, IX is the worst, (in Denmark!!) has given me the best value for money.
Mike, 10th 2009f January, 2009
Muluut, 10th 2009f January, 2009
I am now just 3 months hosting with ix hosting and every day I having big problems. these people do not help and all my sites are hacked. I ask for backup and they tell me backups are no good, backups are hacked same as websites
ix hosting is no good for hosting.
Laurie, 10th 2009f January, 2009
With them for about 2-4 years. Was OK, nice customer service but innefficient now that I am ahving BIG problems – and now has been a nightmare since January 1st 2009. Now all my six websites are not even loading. Not even an error message! “server taking too long to respond” My site was hacked apparently (never happened in 10 years) and since then problems everyday. Even google has put a warning to visitors about malware from my site. My Google results have dropped completly Now have been pfflne for 24 hours. Disaster. Will change. I was told they are having problems with one of their servers. I don’t care. I’m changing. Will pay more for more. 
Jonathan, 09th 2009f January, 2009
I too have been with IX for just under 4 years, and I too have pure html sites, I have 7 websites, I have always been very happy with IX, and up until September 2008 I had never had any issues. But since September my sites have been hacked, changed and re-directed on a weekly basis. IX keeps telling me about folder permissions and Ftp viruses, but I do not run any scripts, and do not have any folders, so I know that cannot be the cause. I will be moving all my sites to another host. 
Archer Rejn, 09th 2009f January, 2009
I have been with IX for already 4 years and have never had any problems. May be cause I do not use any free php applications like wp or Joomla ? All my sites are html files with some Java scripts. I have never been hacked and all my sites load pretty fast. 
Magix, 09th 2009f January, 2009
Don’t waste your time or money on these people. 100% USELESS! 
kjett, 09th 2009f January, 2009
There is at least one positive aspect of using IX, viz. you learn a lot about the perils of using a web host without sufficient technical knowledge and/or security routines.
You learn that you yourself have to take responsibility for implementation of all the precautions needed, such as recurrently (frequently) making sure your hosted domains haven’t been hacked, having all directories properly chmod-ed and .htaccess-ed, and keeping updated backups on a local server.
These security routines will prove to be useful when you move to a hopefully more competent and secure web host.
beyaz, 06th 2009f January, 2009
have the same problem!!!! they are just after money instead of clearing their s**t!
George W Bush, 05th 2009f January, 2009
Don’t waste your time with these people, they are just a bunch of incompetent retards.
Sammy J, 05th 2009f January, 2009
4 days ago my 6 sites were injected with code, I spent 2 full days cleaning my sites, ix wanted to charge me $80 and hour to clean them, today all 6 sites are injected yet again.. I’m moving to another host, People, beware of IX they do not give a damn about your sites, all they want is your money. 
Anita, 03rd 2009f January, 2009
Add me to the list of customers that have been affected by ix’s .htaccess vunerability, and yes they are blaming me, the best part is, they are willing to fix this for me for $80 !! 
Roger no Kids, 02nd 2009f January, 2009
@ Roger Kids..
You TWAT!!..
People don’t like IX because they HAVE tried them!!.. If you haven’t tried them, how is a person suposed to know if they like them or not?..
All a person can expect, is what they are promised and what they pay for.. NO MATTER what the price is.
IX are RIP OFF’S they promise, take your money and accuse you for their incompetance.
Roger Kids, 01st 2009f January, 2009
Cmon` guys. If you don`t like IX why you choose it? Try to spin around for hosting which is better and cheaper. Let`s see what u`ll get

  1. clhmedia says:

    ???say what???
    i am inthe process of migrating my sites to ixwebhosting becuase my current provider is giving my trouble

    if they state a 99.9% uptime than this is a breach on claims of service, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee however so if it is true i will have to see if they honor it

    “Purchase IX Web Hosting’s services with full confidence and zero-risk! You may request a full refund within 30 days of initial sign-up and be refunded all fees paid to-date, including setup fees.” least i have an excuse to stay up late on Friday(as if i needed one)

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