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Posted: December 10, 2008 in IX Web Hosting
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  1. Once again I have had a horrible experience with those jokers at IX Webhosting. Here is a list of issues that I exprienced:

    1. The password to the control panel kept getting reset and I know for a fact that only a select few have access. Any changes made by those few are logged and disseminated to the rest. When I ask i am made to look like “what’s the big deal?”

    2. The NEVER return calls and almost never update tickets except to close it and say that it was your fault. They refer you to the “system admin” who is a ghost as far as I am concerned then are quick to tell you that the can’t do anything else to help you.

    3. Press as you might the cannot suggest when the problem can be fixed. It like the think that your business and clients that are affected by problems don’t matter.

    Most Recent Exerience:

    unfortunately they host my mail (haven’t gotten around to hosting my own as yet). One of my customers suddenly cannot send me any mail from their domain, at least I no longer receive it.

    They had a recent SPAM issue that was resolved however they were not blacklisted. All this time I was receiving mail fine. However a while after the issues is resolved I cannot receive any mail from them.

    I ty chat support who quickly tells me that I need to call.

    ok I call and they say that they have to get a system admin to call me back.

    24 hrs later and I decide to log a ticket myself and describe the problem – no response.

    I call back again and a young lady informs me that the issue was left untouched….whatever that means. she routes it to the “correct” queue and pomises me that i will receive a call.

    24 hrs later no call and no update other than hers.

    I update the ticket and ask what is going on?

    12 hrs later no response so I call and was informed that since I updated the ticket to ask a question it was reverted to the end of the queue. Apparently i was punished for asking a quesion….

    The young lady can give me no indication as to an estimated resoution or at least response time.

    I ask for her supervisor who refused to give me his name but was quick to tell me that i would have to wait.

    He didn’t think it was reasonable for them to at least update the ticket and was quick to tell me that “we are just the phones” and that they couldn’t escalate beyond redirecting to a queue. They would get to it whenever they can and I would have to wait….meanwhile I embarasingly have to tell my customer that I am in the process of moving my mail services…which after this i definitely will.

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