IX Web Hosting DOS attacks on a weekly basis

Posted: November 1, 2010 in IX Web Hosting
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IX Web Hosting DOS Attack

Everyone in the industry knows how slow the servers are at ixwebhosting.. Yes, it is true that the servers are drasticly overloaded, and outdated,  and that slows things down. But another reason why almost all ix hosted sites have an average 68% downtime is because their servers are constantly under DOS [ Denial-of-Service ]  attack, bringing down 1000’s of  customer’s sites.

If this is not bad enough, things get worse if you happen to live anywhere in Australasia, ‘cos ixwebhosting is blocking IP’s  from this region… But at least they guarantee a 99.99% Uptime… hahahahaha 

IX DOS Attack

IX DOS Attack

IX DOS Attack

IX DOS Attack

IX DOS Attack

IX DOS Attack

IX DOS Attack

IX DOS Attack

IX DOS Attack

IX DOS Attack


  1. Wallace says:

    It was good lesson for anyone that run web hosting which never promise anything that you not able to do…such as uptime,best performance server etc…..as i remember when i was host at ixwebhosting,it was always down once at everyday.I think people that ddos them is their ex customer.Their have make a lot people (include bunch of hacker) angry and mad.Whether how good ixwebhosting service now,your website is always on risk.We don’t know what hackers will be do to ixwebhosting at future.I am one of victim..Lost whole data from my website at ixwebhosting at FEB 2008.
    I was hopefull IX Webhosting will stop doing their scam for trick people to subscribe their services.
    IXWebhosting is the biggest scam for hosting industries.

  2. So sad says:

    I am coutomer of IX webhosting. My site down and down every day. I confirmed.

  3. Joe Blow says:

    I don’t know why IX even has a status update page anymore. I mean, what’s the point? Page after page of “DDOS Attacks”. Riiiight. I can understand a host getting hit from time to time but cmon!! With IX it’s non-stop. Something is fishy over there.

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