Hundreds of unhappy IX Web Hosting Customers are contacting me, telling me they are still being blamed for the Yahoo Counter Script Injection and the .htaccess hack.

IX is blaming ” Folder Permissions ”  saying 777 should not be used, and in the case that NO FOLDERS are being used, they turn to the ” Ftp Virus”   BOTH of these are complete rubbish and LIES, and if you corner an IX Web Host manager with some facts and a bit of knowledge they will admit that it IS an issue on the ” IX Servers”

I have been PERSONALLY told by THREE MANAGERS.. Kenny, Drew and Lauren that IX is aware that they have security issues, and each time they assure me that the problem will be fixed soon, that was 9 months ago!!
The problem has not been solved, and is nowhere near being solved, actually it is getting worse.
Almost 10 months ago the problem was the iFrame Yahoo Counter was injected into every file, today the problems are numerous 3 different  injections and a .htaccess hack!! on both the php4 and php5 platform.

So, why is IX Web Hosting admitting they have issues to certain people, and LIEING to others? The reason to this is because the Support Monkeys have been told to NEVER admit that IX has issues, if the monkeys admitted to every customer that it was due to IX’s security issues that more than 120.000 sites were being infected on a weekly basis, all hell would break loose and somewhere along the line someone would sue.
So, as of yet for as far as I know it is only certain managers that are admitting to certain people, that IX is to blame.   

IX Web Hosting blames 777 folder Permission!!!… Do me a favor!!, it’s 2009, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people are using Open Source CMS (content management system ) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc..etc..
Many of these scripts will not work without 777 permission ( images, templates etc)

If in 2009 IX Web Hosting cannot host a CMS site  without it getting injected or defaced, then they are NOT FIT to host websites and should pack their bags and leave town … for good!!

Why is it, that IX has a page on their website that explains in detail how to install and use WordPress and Joomla, but they still blame customers for using these CMS scripts.

Next time you speak to an IX  Support  Monkey ask them how the following  is possible

  1. 5 html sites ( 100% html) not running any scripts or folders get injected?
  2. How is it possible to MASS overwrite 644 files (.htaccess)
  3. How is it possible to MASS add .htaccess files
  4. Why is it, that if I did have an Ftp Virus, they only inject 2 buisness accounts, when they would have access to all 4?.. Why dont they inject all 4?
  5. Why is it only IX Web Hosting and Host Excellence ( owned by ix web hosting) are having these problems? if it was a 777 folder permission issue 100’s of Millions would be affected, and EVERY webhost in the  world would have the same problems.
  6. ANY Server Side injection of 1000’s of sites is surely the responsibility of IX, and NOT a Folder Permission issue.. I have access to all my folders, but there is no way that I can access someone elses site.
    It’s clear that this issue is server root related.

One more thing, a 777 folder used by the likes of WordPress or Joomla ARE SAFE!!..  Does IX Web Hosting really believe that they can carry on blaming customers? MORE THAN  ONE THIRD of ALL IX Web Hosting sites are infected!!… More than 120.000 sites infected !!

  1. […] example here: IX Web Hosting ease blames 777 permissions « IX Web Hosting Warning Posted in Uncategorized on Jan 23rd, 2009, 3:23 […]

  2. PSYCHOPATHiO says:

    I totally agree as I have both hosting linux & windows.

    Both are slow and cannot test any scripts as most of the would not work

    they are using php4 and mysql 3.2 <– its too old to work with most new scripts.

    I wish I found this earlier & i found your site while I was searching for a way to change permissions.

  3. Goh says:

    I get hacked at this feb 2009 and their blamme me to allow chomod 777……….The only thing or reason that their can blame us……….Their will not blame ixwebhosting for sure……….Their provide best free services to allow hacker for hack their client website.

  4. weises says:

    some of my own personal issues with the IXWebhosting setup is;

    when installing joomla you need to sift through several 100 sites to find out that you need to have php.ini in your cgi-bin folder (even create the folder in most instances), there should be a default one already there.

    further more you need to create a .htaccess file in the root of your domain with various settings also.

    and this is just to get started with joomla.which peeves me off to no ends. so why not use easyapps you say?, because quite simply I do-not want my Joomla CMs or any other CMS in a sub/folder of my domain… then to find that the easyapp installation of joomla does not have a populate field and I end up with a blank site with virtually nothing in it. good news is this you can get around it with some more dicking around, basically do-not delete your installation folder , rename your configuration.php to .bak and revisit the\sub-directory\installation folder to Manually setup your site with all the pre-requisites in order to get it going , of course you will need to find the database and reset the password etc etc but you should get the point sooner or later.

    hmm , heres the thing … although Iam annoyed with several features and services that IX provide, I appreciate that they allow me to have unlimited everything which NO-ONE else does for the same price range (if you find one reply here).

    you should always backup your website , and knowing this information becareful to backup your clients websites as well if you are charging them for hosting etc.You not the hosting company will get the blame !!.

    one more thing , someone with a little know how should apply for a job through IX to get these problems sorted as their coding department is obviously lacking in several area’s , maybe (if anyone from IXWEBHOSTING reads this) you should upgrade your systems to CPANEL or DIRECTADMIN and loose the Mickey Mouse budget looking backend that is in use atm. This is my own POV and prefer these systems over the current IX one.

    theres my 25p Ciao.


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