Since I started this blog I have recieved way too many Emails from IX customers that are being blamed for IX web hosting’s incompetence, so far I have 1374 emails  from people that are furious at the way IX is treating them and their buisness. In the past week I have recieved 41 emails from customers that have completely lost their website(s) Not due to any injected scripts or iFrame hacks, but because IX webhosting has deleted them, and do not have any backups..

An example recieved today.  

Dear Larry Sypher,
I am very sorry for this recent inconvenience, please accept my sincere apologies. Our admins have verified that all relevant backups have been rotated already. Unfortunately all backups which are older than a week are being deleted from the server on a regular basis because we cannot afford to store too old backups due to the many system restrictions of the shared hosting environment. It is much recommended to create local backup copies. I regret.
Best regards,
Technical Agent, CR
CR Department
Alex Golovko

So what they are saying, is that if anything was to happen to your site, you have LESS than a week to discover it, and have it backed up, otherwise, a new backup will be made, and this time it will be the “INFECTED”  site, and you have just lost your site!!.. ONE WEEK!!?? …. It takes IX 4 days to reply to a support ticket!!

This evening  01-01-2009 I checked to see what support has to say about backups..




So, they are telling me they have a choice of 4 Backups, over a 2 week periode

Well, we all know IX webhosting are a bunch of liars, this is just another example of how they they promise you things, but cannot deliver


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