Top 10 Search Terms Feb 8 and 9

Posted: February 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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A list of the top 10 Searches of people landing on this blog. This is what people are searching.


ixwebhosting   Reviews
ixwebhosting htaccess  
ixwebhosting hacked  
ixwebhosting injection .htaccess  
ix webhosting hack  
rip off hosting account   
ixwebhosting cannot connect to database   
ix web hosting htaccess deleted  
ixwebhosting php issue  
how is my site getting hacked? ixwebhost  

ixwebhosting hacked  
my php file infected contains iframe cou  
infected website with directed wedsites  
fake yahoo counter  
ixwebhost php wordpress problems?  
ix webhosting reviews
ixwebhosting injection .htaccess  
ix webhosting injection  
ix web hosting virus issue


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