Report IX Web Hosting

Anyone who is sick of the lies, deceit and suffering from the IX web hosting’s incompetence, should file an official complaint, and try and get some kind of compensation for your grief.
Lots of honest people just trying run a website, many of us trying to make an honest living have been through hell because of IX web hosting. DO NOT just settle for existing time credit, think of the amount of time and sleeples nights you spent trying to clean your sites, or your site dropping off of the mayor search engines, high blood pressure caused by stress and worry, etc..

You can file a complaint at the  Better Business Bureaus

Let’s hope IX webhosting can finally get their pathetic act together, and start respecting their honest customers, and compensate us for what we PAID FOR.

  1. Srdjan says:

    I host about 20 websites on IX webhosting, and they were hacked severeal times since last summer. I have some very serious clients such as Natural History Museum in Belgrade, and IX webhosting is destroying my credibility. Web site of Natural History Museum in Belgrade is hacked and javascript code is inserted into every page and I can’t find the way to get rid of it.

  2. Tony says:

    I have 43 Websites on 3 seperate accounts and servers…..all of them have been hacked at least 3 times over the last 6 months. Each time they always blame the code, permissions just anything but themselves. I think it’s time for a class action lawsuit. I am going to have spend extra mony to move the sites to another server and hope that all the sites don’t have code written into the pages (I’ve not found it in the pages on this round) and I will have to scour the databases for code that could be insterted there. Any ideas for finding injected code please let me know. My footers and headers appear to be clean. The most important site I have pops up a warning now on Avast and Kaperskys (It’s a Drupal based site) and I have yet to track the code down…..Any advice please let me know….

  3. neverixweb says:

    @ Tony..
    remember, you are not looking for the code you can actually see, that code is server based, and is being called from, and appearing as an iFrame, here is a REAL LIFE example of the code ( view source)

    Scan your pages for example “iFrame” and also check you Config.php I have found it there once, also double check your database for added tables ( although this is not always the case.)

    Good Luck

  4. hecate says:

    I just got hacked today and was given the same crap by their tech support. I just flushed my sites and reloaded them after changing passwords and verifying permissions, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

  5. Piedmont says:

    We’d opened dozens of accounts with IX just a few months ago.

    On January 25, we discovered that several of our sites had been hacked via IX and, yes, they tried to blame us at first … then admitted that IX has had “issues.”

    Worst, we having been pulling out our hairs trying to figure out what as causing the introduction of the antivirus2008 and antivirus2009. This has been a problem at some of our sites since August 2008.

    Today, we discovered that the IX servers were infected, they never told us.

    This company is crap. Don’t even bother to stay with them… get out … and save yourself a lot of grief

  6. Chris says:

    We had about 7 websites with ixwebhosting for about 4 years without any problems. Then in Jan., they were all hacked with goofy images & writing. I called and they accused me of changing the code, which I know nothing about! We just used Site Studio. They fixed it, and about 5 minutes later, they all got hacked into again. I put in a ticket to cancel my acct.

    Then recently I decided to try and get the sites back up until I got another host. Well, it happened all over again, they were immediately hacked, so I just gave up. I called them at 11:30 pm to be 9th in line, so I just put in another cancellation ticket. Yes, they have 24 hour “support” but you have to wait a LONG time, even in the middle of the night. Buyer beware!!!

  7. Yes, I had the same problems. They have supposedly fixed it (as of today), but I had to go in and clean sites myself several times.

    Now the latest – they changed all the FTP passwords today WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE. (Yes, I know using all caps is impolite, but I’m really steamed!)

    I just had the most remarkable Chat conversation with “customer service” and they assured me that all I had to do was change one password and everything would be fine. They failed to understand that with 16 sites, some with multiple FTP accounts for Content Management Systems that it might take a while.

    Anybody know of a GOOD host????

  8. geekimo says:

    I’m in the process of looking for a new host.
    I’m using IX unfortunatly, having all the exactly same problems everyone else is having.

    If it wasn’t for home broadband upload rates being so low, I’d host the sites myself.
    I run and and but in all likelihood, they’ll be down if you go to take a look, so wouldn’t bother.

    Any good hosts around anymore?

  9. rob says:

    I’m with you guys they are consistently dropping the ball. i have no choice but to part ways. has anyone identified the issue or a resolution that we the customers can do.


  10. tzvish says:

    I have submitted a complaint,
    Ixwebhosting has closed my account without notice and that was because i was overloading the unlimited plan i signed up for.

    The worse part is that i cannot download the files i has and they are still on the server but cannot be retrieved.

  11. Ray Brandes says:

    Our church website was hacked with this anti-zion thing and IX told us it was malware put in by Google. Deep system scan turned up nothing.

    Now we are getting iframe insertions daily and after two weeks they have not fixed anything.

    Then I found this site while looking for other IX hosted sites. I have read enough. We are changing hosts today.

  12. Wallace says:

    I have 10 website at ixwebhosting.Their not support more than 100 script even script like phplinkdirectory also not support.
    You can have good traffic because it was cause database overload.Their will block or suspend your directly.When it was suspend,it means delete your data directly without get back the data.And also,their not support heavy sql query such select A,B from C.
    Their technical support is suck.Very slow respond.When ixwebhosting technical staff said “let me check first”,it means take up to one hour to respond back.
    My website also hacked many times but claim by ixwebhosting because of my careless.The funny thing is no me was hacked at febuary 2009 but it was a lot website that host at ixwebhosting is hacked.

    I hate ixwebhosting.Ixwebhosting is scam because their lie about their services.


  13. Worgen says:

    I bought IXWebhosting a few months ago. And it was really fine. But now, just recently. I couldn’t even access to their websites, mine and even my FTP Client. Wtf. Now they don’t even respond my sessions and they take a freaking long time to get it back online!!!

    I should have seen this reviews before I bought it! Damn!

  14. Micael says:

    We have been hosting several sites with IX for the past 3 years and have had numerous problems…slow and inconsistent transfer speeds, reset ftp passwords and most recently, constant malware infections. This morning we once again found all our sites infected and after spending hours last time going through lines of code, this is the final straw. I have multiple businesses to run and constantly having to have sites fixed, and off line is a massive pain in the ass. We are looking for a new host. I could not recommend IX hosting to anyone.Also, their so called support is a massive joke. They always blame you or someone else. Seeing how they always have russian names is often makes me wonder if they are part of these constant hacks that originate there.

  15. Clark says:

    I opened a second account on IX because my first one that I’d had for years worked flawlessly. This time, I got a server in the 98.131.214.xx block and it’s down way too much. In the period from Jan 26 to Jan 31, it was down 5 times (FIVE – that’s once a day!), each time with different excuses (ddos, overload, vacuum process?, etc, etc). Even worse, when the site was up, the server was so slow to respond. Here’s the stats I got from

    Average Response Time: 1,873ms (nearly 2 seconds!!)
    Slowest Response Time: 14,864ms (almost 15 sec??? no way!)
    Fastest Response Time: 484ms (very slow)

    I noticed the pages on my site loaded very, very slow. So after making sure there was nothing wrong with the code, I moved them to another host. They loaded quickly on the new host – no surprise.

    Here’s a link to their status blog if you want to see the excuses for yourself:
    I’ve never seen a host that has as much downtime.

    I’m not pissed or anything, it’s just that their level of service is unacceptable to me. Luckily, I found out how bad they were before my 30 day period was up for my refund.

  16. louison says:

    A NIGHTMARE. This is ixwebhosting. STAY AWAY!
    It’s too much to tell you what happened with my website which was hosted with them(website suspended without any reason, they said something about a copyright issue(not true), I remove all the files from FTP but they didn’t give me access to my emails(they didn’t even read my replies), i waited over 4 days to get the emails and so on.

    I moved my website to other web hosting and everything is OK(same website content)

    In short, buy web hosting from any company but not from them.

  17. ami jensen says:

    stay away..thnk twice
    if you are using wordpress and sql database they always suspend or block..customer service never accept their faults…better dedicated servers
    ixwebhost good for 2 pages html basic websites or homepages that doesnt contain sql and database..

  18. wgk says:

    I have been charged thousands of dollars on my card twice (fortunately caught both times, so lost no real money) by this company. I have no web sites at all! Likely some website I dealt with was hosted by them and was hacked. I got a new card the first time, and now I will have to get another. . .I’m going to have to quit using the card for purchases over the internet at all.

  19. mike says:

    We’ll see what happens. I did not see this until now. Damn! The other forum I belong to said they were good. I’ll let you guys know soon.

  20. Michael says:

    I get flooded by Spam out of Russia, I get hacked, my pages are constantly down…
    Just theoraticly speaking, how would you get superb access to US businesses? Buy a US hosting company..or get the support for it, mostly russian names.. Just a theory and hopefully just a theory!!! I have no proof for anything like that!!! Just thinking!

    My latest communication with IXWebhosting, I get tired of it:

    Yuriy Z***: Hello, my name is Yuri, how can I assist you today?
    you: Good morning. 99.9% up time? Where? Can’t access http://www.****.us/administrator and the page was serveral times down overnight. This happens quite too often!!!
    Yuriy Z***: Let me check its performance.
    you: OK
    Yuriy Z***: Let me express the most sincere apologies regarding to the issue you were facing. Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce it now. As I have checked your site is working fast and smoothly.
    Yuriy Z***: Here are current response time for your site:
    Yuriy Z***: $ time curl -Ii
    Yuriy Z***: real 0m0.206s
    Yuriy Z***: user 0m0.002s
    Yuriy Z***: sys 0m0.006s
    Yuriy Z***: Please recheck it from your side.
    you: It’s working now again. What a miracle!!! Thanks

  21. Angie says:

    IX is a nightmare. When things work fine, all is well. But I have had 2 host packages hacked to the point that I have had to abandon the packages and move elsewhere. Once the attacks start, there is no stopping it, and it all appears to come directly though IX themselves. Customer support is a joke at best, and is criminal at worst. The answers are canned – in broken english. they say they clean files even though no files existed at the time to clean. They are HORRIBLE. After I moved 6 websites to a new host overnight and got them off the Google blacklist, I reviewed the IX trouble ticket answer, and it started with “Sorry for possible inconvenience”. If I could have stoned that SOB who wrote that, I would have.

  22. Alexandra says:

    I have paid 12000 EUR in refunds today.
    Our website is offline for more than 48 hours already

    just because they do not use SMARTY.
    We did not even check they do not use it although it is an international standard.
    As a result huge website got corrupted significantly.
    We have sent them 5 database copies and they just do not restore anything for 12 hours and every time I contact them by life support or phone they answer please wait 12 hours more…
    Of course it takes plenty of time to get reach of them.
    You have to wait a queue of average 11 people till you reach them and they wait for 180 seconds and drop you off.

  23. Abbas says:

    These guys are a rip-off; stay clear and don’t make the same blunder I made by seeing their flashy and deceptive website which is a hoax / scam!!! All positive reviews are surely from their own people and staff.

    Karina Zalavskaya: Welcome, this is Karina, how can I help you?

    you: hello…

    you: my domains fabtronics and aquacomsystems are down since morning Singapore time….whats happening???

    you: i am losing business and credibility…

    Karina Zalavskaya: Please accept our apologies for all the inconvenience. There’s a maintenance being run on the control panel, where your account is located. We expect it to be resolved within the next 120 minutes. To be aware of the issue status and resolution process please refer to:

    Karina Zalavskaya: We thank you for cooperation and rely on your understanding of our efforts to make all services up as soon as possible.

    you: such long downtimes are ridiculous and totally unacceptable..

    you: this is nonsense…i was told the same thing 2-3 hours ago…

    Karina Zalavskaya: We fully understand your frustration and would like to assure you that we are doing all our best to resolve the issue ASAP

    you: i am going to write about this all over the net…just watch…i cant believe what a rip-off you guys are…

  24. vlad says:

    Bloody hell! im going to move out of IX hosting! the web-sites are down so often!

  25. mrtel says:

    I have just been shut down on iX do to their
    Data Use and Data transfer violations on their “Unlimited” data transfer and storage plans.

    oh but wait that’s not really limited:

    Our system has identified that your account is currently utilizing an amount of resources that is beyond what a shared hosting environment can efficiently handle. While your individual resources do not have any set limits, we must maintain a certain level of resource allocation between all customers in order to operate effectively. Although your server’s performance is monitored and balanced by our staff 24/7, there are times when an account – often due to an increase in size or popularity – can cause the server’s load to increase dramatically. When that happens, performance for all customers on the server is degraded.

    Most customers who find themselves in this situation have outgrown the capacity of shared hosting. If maintaining your pattern of growth, popularity and size is crucial, you may want to consider upgrading your service to one of our VPS or VDC plans. These plans are designed to support robust web presences like yours as well as speedily support any future growth. Otherwise, simply lowering your resource usage will resolve this issue.

    Your current usage is 1,6xx.xx GB of Bandwidth, and 3x.xx GB of Disk Usage and needs to be lowered to 64 GB of Bandwidth, and 15 GB of Disk Usage or less in order to continue using shared hosting. Based on these usage statistics, we would recommend the one the following product(s) for your site: VPS-X4W.

    More information about all of our VPS and VDC products can be found here:

    Please be aware that this situation is urgent. We have a responsibility to all of our clients that we take very seriously and we intend to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. Our goal is that both your service level, as well as the other customers who share their server with you, is maintained.

    Contact your Support Hero or update this ticket as soon as possible letting us know how you plan to resolve this issue and if you have any questions. If resource usage is not lowered or you have not upgraded your account, it will be suspended within the next seven days.


    What is the best place to move to….
    and the best procedure to do this?


  26. anon says:

    they never understand the seriousness of the business i full recommended to all not to host any website in ixwebhosting now

  27. Mark says:

    I got a credit card charge from IXWebhosting today charging me for a domain that was part of the included “free” domains of our Business Plus webhosting package with them. They have now (without any warning) changed all of our plan-included domains to paid domains, which effectively means that not only are we paying for the hosting plan (which is supposed to have 2 included domains) but are now also paying for our supposedly included domains as well.

    They are still advertising that these plans include two domains (, but the reality is quite different. I think that they hope that no one will notice and just bill the domains in any case. I raised this issue with their support team and got the appended response. Note that they are not offering to refund the fees or even to correct the problem, despite their legal obligations to do so. This is ridiculous! What kind of monkeys are running this organisation?

    “We would like to extend our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this change. This change means that, going forth, there will be no option to renew your domain as free. However, the renewal price for your free domain will be $7.49. This discounted rate is much lower than our standard renewal price.

    In order to express our appreciation for your loyalty as a customer, we would like to add an additional month of free hosting to compensate you for the inconvenience. Please let us know whether you agree to this offer and we will proceed shortly. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope for your understanding.

    Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are available 24/7.

    Lena Keleberdenko.
    Customer Relations Dpt.”

  28. Frank says:

    ix webhosting is still down – last time I pinged’em:

    This is not too funny! Are hosts nowadays getting paid for “no uptime”?

  29. Si O says:

    I am a reseller and have had client sites which have been hacked. Files have been uploaded to sites, many spamming pages and they made it sound like my fault with folder permissions…load of BS!
    The reason i found this site is that i just went to my site then a clients site only to see it was taking more then 2minutes to load!!

    Cant wait to move from this terrible company that provides a false service for money!!!

  30. John says:

    Please so not host your website on IX hosting. IX is the worst hosting ever.

  31. anes2010 says:

    hi thanks for that links it was useful for me

  32. advocately says:

    ixwebhosting lost my email! I had allowed my primary domain name to expire intentionally, but still had aliased domain names setup to point to my site. I was told there was no way to access my email hosted through ixwebhosting without having the original primary domain name hooked up. That’s lazy B.S.. I went to reregister the domain name to solve the problem, but a slimy domain name company had already purchased my expired domain name and tried to extort thousands of dollars from me to get it back. I told them to go screw themselves. I was in no rush to reconnect with the emails, but I didn’t want to lose them forever. So, I stuck with ixwebhosting for several years until I was able to register the original domain name. I did so, pointed it back to my site and when I went to access my emails, they were gone!!!! I couldn’t believe it. ixwebhosting lost them during some server move. When I asked about backups, they had none. There were precious emails in there that they lost. It’s unforgivable considering I’ve given them thousands of dollars of business over the years. I’m moving on. Be warned.

  33. advocately says:

    ixwebhosting lost my email! I had allowed my primary domain name to expire, but still had aliased domain names setup. I was told there was no way to access my email hosted through ixwebhosting without having the original primary domain name hooked up. That’s lazy B.S.. I went to reregister the domain name to solve the problem, but a slimy domain name company had already purchased my expired domain name and tried to extort thousands of dollars from me to get it back. I told them to go screw themselves. I was in no rush to reconnect with the emails, but I didn’t want to lose them forever. So, I stuck with ixwebhosting for several years until I was able to register the original domain name. I did so, pointed it back to my site and when I went to access my emails, they were gone!!!! I couldn’t believe it. They lost them during some server move. When I asked about backups, they had none. There were precious emails in there that they lost. It’s unforgivable considering I’ve given them thousands of dollars of business over the years. I’m moving on. Be warned.

  34. Dan says:

    Another malicious attack this morning on IX servers. None of my websites work, all my customers sites are down and none of us can get or receive email. This is so unprofessional. I started looking around this morning for another hosting company. This is total B.S.! In this day and age, this is unacceptable behavior from a company that is quick to take our money but cannot stand behind their own products. Totally disappointed.

  35. Coz says:

    It looks like no one is trying to relay info about current malicious code injection attacks and IX Webhosting. But this happened to me on May 30, 2013 and it seems to be a widespread problem and not simply an IX problem. However, their “top notch” infection removers told me they had cleaned my sites, leading me to believe my sites were back to normal. Of course, 3 out of my 4 sites I have with them was blacklisted by Google from the get go.

    I ranted to IX about that and they simply said they had cleaned the sites and it was my job to get the sites reinstated by Google, as if I hadn’t been trying to do this since they SAID they had cleaned them. Long story short, I had to pull the 3 blacklisted sites for weeks until I could work out the problem (mostly I created new sites with new coding). Yes, I changed my passwords immediately after the attack, but I felt I was on shaky ground and I believed that they had really cleaned the sites. I wanted to know HOW they were attacked to begin with. Of course, they said it was my fault. That I most likely didn’t have an anti-virus program and politely referred me to free ones as if I don’t pay for something I KNOW I need. My computer had to be infected with a keylogger or some other alien creature. NOT. I was attacked via FTP (this most likely is true according to things I have researched about this) or by simple brute force. You’d think they would check my logs to see if any efforts to log on to my account had been recorded…by no.

    When I finally could not get Google to reinstate me, I decided to pull the sites…one had been online for a decade and a lot of my life was in that one site. So I downloaded it from the remote server so I could use it as a reference tool when I finally make my new and improved site. Remember, IX said it was clean. After downloading it, I briefly went through it, but no deep examination. Today I decided to start the new version (I currently have a one page holder so that people will know I plan on bringing the site back eventually). To check the content of my old pages, I opened the site. One page that Google had noted that was infected, I decided to explore a bit.

    Low and behold there is this one little code. But if you Google the code it says it relates to a color hex. I did this when the site was first infected, too, but there was no more information about it. NOW if you Google it…you will find a lot more stuff. This particular link is most helpful.!topic/webmasters/BBaPfWLMyP8

    If the link is not active, copy and past it into your browser and read it. You see, the code they are referring to was on virtually EVERY page that I downloaded from the remote server before deleting it. Before reading the forum, I opened one page in my browser…oops…and I hope to God that I didn’t trigger anything. But my point is, I was ASSURED by IX that they had cleaned the site. How could they miss an entire site’s worth of infection?

    I think I will eventually have to apologize to Google for my anti-Google attitude when I was trying to get reinstated, but I was going by what IX had told me. And in truth, Google refused to reinstate me when I put up the little one page site, too, and it was clean with HTML5 coding. They waited nearly 90 days before they cleared me. I even screen captured the comments about the infections that Google notes when you try to go to a blacklisted site about IX and the number of infections they have on their servers at the time that they had tested and crawled. It amounted to about 10% of the sites they tested that were/are on IX servers.

    I even addressed that to IX…about how they could say they are secure, etc. Then I realized they must be talking about their own site and not those they host. I told them they are misleading their customers and making them think they are safe. They are not.

    I also want to address that they don’t have searchable FAQ pages nor tutorials. You have to Google for them. What’s up with that? I wanted to know how to up my site in a safer mode and began reading about SFTP and FTPS. Since I am not an ecommerce site, FTPS is out, but I was interested in SFTP. For this company to try to make you think you are safe, why do they not offer this safer method of uploading? Could it be because they have an outdated panel? Oh, they pride themselves on that dippy one you first enter which I find more confusing than helpful, but the real panel looks like something from DOS days (and I don’t mean denial of service).

    I am currently looking for a new hosting company…one that will have updated features like the ability to use SFTP, that can block IP addresses without having to create a .php file, etc. Why would I want to block IP addresses? I firmly believe the origin of my attack was from Indonesia and working with someone in the UK. I want to block a variety of countries, but I don’t know if the hosting company I’m currently considering can block large ranges of IP addresses. I will do more checking.

    IX needs to step up to the plate and modernize and stop misleading us. Yes, their actual location is in the states (Ohio), but their “top notch tech teams” that “remove” the infections are in Russia. The cost of hosting my sites has soared and the service has declined. It’s time I move on.

    In closing, go to the web link I provided. It doesn’t clear IX Webhosting in any way, but it does show major infections are out there and IX is doing little to prevent it…SFTP would be nice. Oh, IX also inferred that if I had a dedicated server, the likelihood of this happening would be slim. When moving my account to another company, I will miss having separate IP addresses for my sites, but I can’t have everything.

    I just wish all hackers would burn in hell. Thanks for letting me vent.

  36. greg aiken says:

    Let me first say ive been with ixwebhosting for over ten years. for the first 9 years i did not have any support issues. originally, i was happy with their static ip hosting options which i used for several sites. one of which hosted a large image database of over 7000 images and at times did have heavy traffic. this is stated to be fair to them.

    unfortunately mid year 2013 i discovered that two of my websites’ ‘index.html’ pages were ‘hacked’. specifically, the first found in the portion of these pages now included a new command that i did not put there.

    upon calling ixwebhosting, their technician did see, and confirm, that the command was found in my ‘index.html’ page. his assesment was, t ‘your (windows) computer probably has keylogging software on it, and someone probably got your login to this account’.

    so i originally ran with this idea (even though I did actually believe this to be true – for if someone did in fact have all of the logins to my various accounts, i feel they would have been far more interested in gaining access to my financial accounts, rather than want to inject a silly command in a file on my webservers). however, to be extra cautious i went to home of a person owning an apple computer and who happens to be overly cautious with the sites she visits (as she is an elderly woman). on her computer, one that has definitely never visited any ‘dangerous’ websites, i logged into my ixwebhosting account and changed my ftp password. logged into my site repaired my ‘index.html’ files. and for the time being – my site operated normally again.

    the methodology i used here included NOT accessing my ftp login account from my supposedly keylogger attacked windows pc. given that i changed the ftp password and accessed the ftp account through a totally different pc, on an osx operating system – that if my account were to get ‘hacked’ again – it could not be due to a keylogger program running on my windows pc.

    today, February 16 2014 i tried to visit two of my three sites and now i get a generic ‘your site appears to be a malicious web attack site’ warning! so my account did get hacked, and evidently its been this way for some time now. due to the precautions that i took – it is absolutely impossible that a keylogger running on my windows pc could have been the root of this cause, as all changes were made from a different computer at a different physical location.

    despite the hassle that is involved in trying to select a new web hosting company, i feel this is what i now must do.

    imy assesment is that someone has a program thats installed to, and runs on the same server where my sites are hosted at, and this program is run regularly – its task is insert this unwanted code to all index.html pages.

    there may be other issues at ixwebhosting – but this is the only specific experience ive had that i can share.

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